Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer at the beach

Last week felt like summer . . . The weather was very warm and humid!  In order to escape the misreable heat, I packed up the boys and took them to the beach.  Two times in one week, without Jay . . . Well I feel pretty accomplished.  Now that Nicholas is older, he is able to help load and unload things.  His help has been very nice and appreciated!

The beach was good fun, we went with friends this time and both the boys enjoyed themselves.  I did too!  Nicholas enjoyed riding the waves, digging in the sand, and just hanging with his baseball buddies.  Noah really enjoys jumping the waves and it's so nice to see him filled with such delight! 

The smell of the salt water, the sunblock, and the early bonfires burning reminded me of how summer is supposed to be.  The ease in which the day unfolds, and the satisfaction in the simpler side of things.  I love it!  Being at the beach has been so relaxing and I have been loving every minute of it!

 Here are some pictures of beach day 1 . . .

Body Boarding with friends

Nicholas 12 years old Summer 2011

Our little Noah boy enjoying the water!

I love his sweet, sweet smile!

Lunch time!

Noah went in the water with his wetsuit :0)

Digging holes at the beach!  What could be more fun!

Charfauros Brothers! Age 12 & 4