Friday, June 24, 2011

Summer Days & Reading

For the last week summer days have been about baseball practice.  I am not complaining; it's just been pretty busy around here . . . What with all the laundry and hustling about trying to get naps squeezed in, and lunches made, and dinner made, and shuffling kids about town to hang out with friends and cousins.  Whew!  It's safe to say that all has been crazy-busy around here! 

Tomorrow is Nicholas' first All-Star game!  It'll be fun to watch the team . . . they have been working so hard; dedicating so much of their time and energy on the field.  Good luck to TVALL All-Stars!

Since I have been spending so much of my time at the baseball fields, I have been chatting with the other moms about books!  Oh, how I enjoy hearing and discovering good reads.  Last week I read Look Again by Lisa Scottoline.  It was the first time I have ever read one of her books.  I have to say that I thorougly enjoyed it - so much so that I read it in a day and a half!  After that I decided I needed to pace myself; I also felt bad for spending money on a book and finishing it up so quickly.  So I took Noah to the library so we could check-out some books.  We both walked out of there happy with our picks.  He had a stack of 7 books high and I walked out with two books off the new release shelf.  I checked-out The Money Class by Suze Orman, and of course this was more of a reference read . . . I have no intention of reading it page by page.  I'm interested, mostly, on the retirement chapter and, so far, it's pretty good :0).  My next library check-out was Dancing Lessons by Cheryl Burke from Dancing With the Stars television show.  I have to say it was a really good read.  I did my best to take my time and not read it so quickly . . . It's an easy read, but very inspiring; and I have always loved to read biographies/autobiographies.  I believe, quite strongly, in the power of another's life story - their life journey.  I don't watch that show, but my mom does!  Faithfully!  And now, I just might add that to the list of shows I watch :0)  And finally, at the recommendation of my cousin I picked up Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet by Jamie Ford.  OMG!  This one is, so up my alley of reading . . . The style of writing, the historical fiction - I am just giddy about this summer read.  It's a wartime-era novel, and I am just forcing myself not to read it too quickly. 

After my visit to Target yesterday, to pick up my latest book, I walked out with a strew of book titles on a tattered envelope I found in my purse. So, needless to say, I will not have a problem with what to read; rather what book I will read next!

And now, so my post today doesn't go without pictures . . . Here's what our week has been like in pictures!

*We have been busy - so all these pictures were taken with my point & shoot camera.  Not with my fancy-dancy one.  So please excuse the unfocused, underexposed/overexposed, bland color looking pictures.

All-Star Team get-together! 

Noah enjoying the party too!

Happy Father's Day . . . Jay worked so we spent sometime with family!  It's been a long while! 

Dinner at Denny's without Dad on Father's Day!  The kids enjoyed themselves :0)

Movie date with Ciara.  Thanks for coming to visit us in Temecula!

Noah cooking breakfast for Nicholas!  2 frozen waffles - coming up!

What a great lil' brother!

A typical day at the fields . . . The 2011 All-Star Team!

Noah doing Nicholas' chores!  Seems as though Noah is always doing something for Nicholas.

An everyday occurence in our house . . . Nicholas irritating Noah to tears.

Tomatos from Jay's garden :0)

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer Days

Summer feels like it has finally arrived!  The days are much warmer (the nights are still pretty cool, cool enough for a light jacket) . . .  And lately we have been relishing in sleeping in, and just hanging out!  It's been nice; but today, rather this morning I had to wake up early to start up some sort of routine again.

This is the third week of summer for Nicholas and it feels like we are just finally getting to enjoy the easy-going tone of the days.  The first two weeks of summer were still spent very routined because of post season baseball.  And now . . . after a few days of no baseball we are re-entering another round of post season baseall.  Nicholas made the All-Star team for the 2011 season!  We are so excited and so proud of him!  Once again we are back to the fields :0)  We love it, it's fun and we're excited for the days and weeks to come!

Nicholas has been hanging out with friends during the afternoons and it's been nice!  Enjoying time with friends swimming and playing street wiffle ball means less time playing video games!  Noah has been hanging with his brother and skipping naps, it's all good!  This morning we're going to the movies; our local theater shows PG and G rated movies from previous months for $1.  So we're headed there today!  And then later this evening we'll be headed to baseball practice :0). 

2011 Washington Nationals TVALL Division Champs!

Coach lucas talking with the team.  A great coach and team that Nicholas will always have in his book of "great memories!"

Summer Days . . . Love that Nicholas' friends don't mind that Noah "rolls" with the them :0).

Monday, June 6, 2011

Always Dream Big

Do you remember, as a young child, what you used to dream about being or becoming when you "grew up?"  Do you remember what it felt like when that dream felt so attainable and within reach? 

Jay and I talked about this at dinner lastnight.  Our greatest wish, for our boys, is that they never lose that feeling inside them.  The feeling of passion to do something wonderful and great in their life.  Children always dream big . . . And then something happens; the reality of life and its challenges quickly filter out those big dreams.  I hope, with all my heart, that Nicholas and Noah go through life believing in their dreams; knowing that they will be the only ones that stand in the way of making them come true. 

With that . . . I just want to share some of my favorite pictures of Noah's last Tball game.  He is truly our "Lil Slugger!"

Leading in the Little League Pledge

Getting Pumped . . .  :0)

Our Lil' Slugger

On first base . . . Look how serious he is! 

Sliding into home plate!

Alligator hands!  Just like Nicholas taught him :0)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Perfect Day

Yesterday was the perfect day.  It was perfect for all the ordinary reasons and something inside me was calm enough and in the moment enough to stop and really, really appreciate my very blessed life.

There was no particular moment that made it perfect . . . Rather it was the little moments throughout the day that tugged at my heart.  Reminding me that it really is the little things that matter.

It was the sweet tasting oranges we bought at the farmers market yesterday morning . . .

It was the sparkle in Noah's eye and the sound of his giggle when I gave him a chocolate mint after his lunch . . .

It was having Nicholas call me to ask if he could play with his friends in the neighborhood . . .

It was the quiet time I got to spend with Jay in the afternoon . . .

It was seeing the baseball fields busy as teams prepared for the upcoming tournament . . .

It was being in a carpool . . .

It was hearing Noah's laughter and excitement from our backyard as he and Jay filled balloons up with water . . .

It was the sight of pure bliss on Noah's face as he sat with his teammates during his team party . . .

It was the honest joy and pride in his eyes as Noah held his very first trophy in his hands . . .

It was the sight of the water balloon fight between Noah's tball team and the parents.  There was so much laughter and joy - it was a perfect celebration!

It was sitting by our firepit with Jay as we grilled dinner for our family . . .

As I got ready for bed I smiled and felt so blessed.  I never dreamed of an extravagent life, but I have always dreamed of being a wife and mother . . . Having my days filled with the sound of my children's laughter and my husband at my side.  That was yesterday . . . It was just perfect.

Noah enjoying his teammates!

Receiving his trophy.  His squeal with delight was the best!!!

Pre-water balloon fight . . . Siblings joined too.  What a great time for everyone!

Noah and Jay battling!  :0)

Noah getting his coach!  And look at Jay in the background, he had no mercy on the lil' guys :0)