Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Tuesday (now that Monday is over)

I can't believe we are nearing the end of April already.  It, literally, seems like we just wrapped up Easter and were beginning the month of April . . . and now here we are the last week of this month.  Wow!  Time really does fly by!

Yesterday I was in such a slump, I was sleepy and feeling lazy, and ontop of that I was very easily agitated.  Which did not work out well when the boys spilled red gatorade upstairs in the loft on the carpet.  It took a million little prayers to just clean up the mess, give the boys a quick FIRM lecture and then walk away.  I was very, very upset.  It was a long day and I'm glad that today is a new one . . . I'm feeling a little more energetic, I'm feeling a bit more optimistic :0)

We have such a busy month coming up and it goes all the way into mid June.  I get excited when we have stuff going on every weekend, I love seeing our friends and family.  That alone always makes me happy!  We have 5 birthdays coming up in the next month . . . oh my goodness that's alot of birthday gifts to purchase!  I'll definitely be budget shopping :0)  Luckily that's one of my favortie things to do! 

Now I am off to start my Tuesday in good and energetic spirits! 

Thursday, April 15, 2010

From baseball to laundry to pedicures . . . it's all pretty random!

There's hasn't really been much to write about.  We've been busy with the same things, baseball, homework, cooking meals, and household chores.  The mundane has taken over and we've been in the full swing of things.  Today . . .today we don't have baseball and the air feels a little empty.  As if we're missing something.  I, so, enjoy the activites that fill our days; it fills me up and makes me happy! 

Oh!  Yesterday . . . I splurged!  I treated myself to a pedicure.  A spa pedicure!  It felt so nice.  It felt wonderful to sit in the massage chair and have my busy little feet pampered.  It's been a LONG WHILE since I've done that.  I sat and looked at the paintings on the walls, closed my eyes and listened to the happy, upbeat music, and I even read a bit too!  It was lovely.  After it was all said and done, from my toes to my spirits . . . I felt renewed and refreshed!   Althoug this morning, this morning I felt a little different; before I got out of bed I laid there calculating all the snacks and groceries I could have bought had I not splurged on a spa pedicure.  Hmmm . . . now I'm not going to beat myself up about it, but I highly doubt I will get another pedicure for a LONG WHILE.  It just doesn't feel right, I never fully enjoy it because the practical person in me never allows me to enjoy guilty pleasures.  I have 2 growing boys for goodness sakes their needs are much more important than my guilty unnecessary pleasures.  But I will admit . . .my feet felt like buttery velvet yesterday!  :0)

Happy Blessed Thursday!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

These Days . . .

Lastnight I finally watched the movie Everybody's Fine.  It made me cry because it reminded me that Nicholas and Noah are going to grow up one day soon and begin and love a life of their own.  When it's all said and done . . .it began with me and Jay and in the end it will be just me and Jay. 

I try really hard not to take for granted these days . . . these days that the kids are still filled with such need for me.  It does get overwhelming and sometimes I feel like I'll just go crazy, but their need for me will diminish as the years pass and amid the craziness and chaos . . . it feels as though my purpose (right now) derives from their need for me.  Their need for me to love them, nurture them, feed them, teach them, guide them, and then finally, let them go.  It sounds so sad and I know that this is the circle of life - but these two boys - Nicholas and Noah, they are my life, they are my heart, and they are my soul and I want to hold on to these days forever - I don't want to let them go.  Becasue they are so precious and I will never get these days back.

Easter 2010

Off to church . . . with my beautiful family!  Happy Sunday everyone!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Noah's 3rd Birthday Photos

I have finally caught my breath after a busy, busy couple of weeks.  We've got another busy couple of days ahead, so I figure this will be my only chance to post pictures.  And next week Nicholas returns to school - and I we will resume the last half of school & baseball.  I can't believe it'll be summer soon!  Can't wait!!!

The Birthday Boy!

Nicholas & Noah showin' some love!

Being dorky in the photo booth!

Good Times!

Photo Funnies!  Salas first cousins . . .

Sherry & Samuel gettin' there grub on!

It was so nice to see Sue . . .

Noah and his Nina Fran

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

His Nina made his cake. . . unfortunately she dropped in on the way to the car.  It was a 3 tier Big Top Circus Cake; but she was able to salvage the bottom tier.  I think she did awesome considering the slight mishap.  FYI, her cakes TASTE DELICIOUS!  So we forgive you Nina Fran :0)

Blowing out his candles.  Can't belive he's 3 already.

Huggin' the Pinata before he tears into it!

There he goes . . .he's got a great swing!

Excited to open his gifts!  Thank you to everyone!  We are so appreciative of all the toys, clothes and money he received that day!  We are having so much fun with everything!!!

Our family photo in the booth - not the best but oh well.  At least we have one down for the books :0)

A quick pose with our god-daughter Jada Penelope!  We were so happy to have them for a visit . . . long overdue!

It was such a blessed day having our family celebrate our little monkey's birthday.  My vision for his birthday didn't turn out exactly how I planned; but I'm okay with it.  Noah had a wonderful birthday and he was so happy the entire day . . . he loved the bounce house, the park, and he especially loved when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  He was so well-mannered when he opened his gifts and thanked everyone!  Noah was happy to see his Nina finally; he had been looking forward to that.  Even the weather was beautiful . . .I don't think I could've have asked for more.  There are tons more pictures, but I just chose a few of my favorites.  I forgot to mention that we had a make-shift photo booth that was such a big hit . . .I made a red backdrop, it was simple and easy and everyone had fun taking fun and silly photos!  I'm so glad we have them for our photo books.

*More photos to come on my next post!