Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Out!

Camping Trip 2009
One of the things we decided to do before Nicholas' summer vacation comes to an end is go camping.  It's somewhat of a tradition . . . if you call doing this 2 or 3 years in a row a tradition.  Nonetheless, we're off!  I'm feeling a little under the weather . . . but excited to get away from civilization for a couple of days.  Bringing my book, maybe pick up a few magazines . . . to read, frolick, and indulge in the simpler side of things.

Have a Great Weekend Everyone!

*Hopefully I'll get an updated family camp photo . . .

Thursday, July 29, 2010

I miss him . . .

Visiting my dad always seems surreal to me. It never really feels real until we're there at the cemetery. And then I am reminded of his passing, of his battle with cancer, and of how much I miss him.

I wish he could be here to experience my boys!  He would be so amazed at how grown Nicholas is, how athletic and mature he is.  He'd be so proud to see how he is helpful and listens and values our family.  Oh and what FUN he'd have with Noah.  Our sweet, little, spunky Noah boy!  My dad would just get a kick out of his personality.  I smile and feel sad inside just thinking about it. 

My dad would melt with tears if he saw my two boys together.  He'd love seeing their love and adoration for one another; and he'd surely laugh at how much bickering these two do.  But it never, ever gets out of hand; just a bunch of brotherly banter.  He'd enjoy seeing and experiencing all this . . . because he was always so happy and content with being a Papa to Nicholas.

I really, really miss my dad . . .

It's hard to explain to Noah where my dad is, but he is ever-so loving.  He always kisses my dads stone.  If you ask Noah where his Papa John is, he'll reply "In heaven with God."

This is what I wish my dad could see between these two boys.  Their friendly banter. 

He'd laugh at how quickly these two can entertain one another!

I hope Nicholas will one day tell Noah of all the sweet and wonderful memories he had with my dad.  He remembers little things, like ice-cream with Papa and visiting my dad's work to ride the fork-lift, and how much my dad LOVED the San Diego Chargers.  I hope Nicholas will share these memories with his brother; so Noah will know how happy being a Papa made him!

Mom and the two rugrats.  I know these two make her day always!  She loves them to pieces and she always looks forward to being with them and seeing them!

Noah saluting a Medal of Honor Veteran.  This young was only 25 . . .

A view of San Diego.  A beautiful view, indeed.

Mom and Poly

My family . . .this photo is PERFECT!  It wouldn't be right if Noah just smiled normally.  It's real, his facial expressions are a riot.  It's what we see and laugh about daily.  It's what keeps our day-to-day routine extra-ordinary :0)

This kid is a riot.  He's spunky and loveable, difficult and friendly, moody and sweet.  He's a walking contradiction and boy do I sure love him. 

Visiting my dad always make me happy and sad.  I feel happy to visit him, to somehow be nearer to him.  And yet I am sad because it forces me to remember the reality of it all.  Visiting my dad is a reminder of the piece that is missing in my life.  I have such a blessed life; I just wish that my dad was alive to share it with me. 

I do believe that he is in heaven with God, watching over us.  Smiling and enjoying the view from above.  I just miss him . . .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Now this is summer . . .

Last Friday we packed our things and went to spend the weekend in Oceanside; at my mom's house. We had no real concrete plans, but to spend time with family. And it was so nice! Friday night, at the last minute, we decided to go play Bingo at a local hall near my mom's house.  It was fun hanging out with my mom, my mother in-law, cousin, and auntie and uncle. No luck for me though; still it was fun!

Saturday we went to the San Diego swapmeet. It's been such a long time since we've been there. We didn't buy a whole lot, but Nicholas did score some great finds. He found a wooden bat and a Mizuno catcher's glove for a total of $10! Of course they're used, but at least they're broken in. He was so happy!

Noah had fun just looking at all the toys and other interesting things that you can find at the swapmeet. Here are some pictures of this particuarly outing.

Mexican Candy at one of the local booths.  We love this stuff and walked  away with quite a bit!

I love the colors.  So bright & fun!

Noah getting some paint work done . . . he chose a turtle!

Cool Rider!  And no we didn't buy it, it was just fun to take pitures!

Yummy Mango.  But walked away with none.  I was just inspired by the yumminess of it all!

Hello fishy's!

Ahhh . . . My Angels fan! 

Bargaining for the wooden bat.  Scored it for $6!  Thanks to my mom!  Look at all that stuff in the background. Truly a modge podge of things.

*All photos taken with my mobile phone camera.  So, not the greatest quality, but good enough!

My next post I'll post pictures of our outing to visit my dad. 

Now this is summer . . . And yet I still find myself wishing we were playing baseball. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Getting back to normal feels a little strange . . .

Lastnight Nicholas' team lost their second game; this loss put us out of the All Star Tournament. It has been such a fun and busy 6 weeks . . . today it almost seems weird to not have somewhere to dash off to. Here are photos of lastnight's game.

I love this picture of Charlie, Ryan, and Noah such great young brothers!  Such troopers these past 6 weeks!

Our fan support was so amazing . . . truly a great community to live in!

I will never get tired of watching this boy play; it is one of my favorite pastimes. 

I am so proud of Nicholas; he has really grown in this game.  It is so fun to watch and witness!

His last up to bat for this post season.

The Team clapping it up to the parents!  A great and talented bunch for sure!

And so now we are left with 3 weeks left before school begins.  We have already began planning a weekend camp trip, a trip to Wild Rivers, and beach and pool days to pass the weekdays away.  The way that summer is supposed to be, right?  And yet, getting back to normal feels a little strange. 

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing New . . .

I feel like I don't have anything new to write or post about; because really, it has been nothing but baseball for us.  We have made our usual trips to Oceanside on Sundays (but never making it for church), we've hung out with family but have been coming home every Sunday evening.  So there is not too much new going on around here . . . well, let me take that back.  We went to the beach this past Sunday; just me, Jay and our boys.  No pictures though . . . but it was a nice relaxing day.  Noah had a fantastic time; it was written all over his face, that and the fact that he was covered with sand from head to toe! 

Lastnight we had a baseball game; Nicholas' team lost.  It was a tough lost, but we play again tonight and hopefully we'll come out of this rut that we were in lastnight.  Let's get it going Temecula All Stars!

I have discovered a few new blogs and I thought I'd share.  They're all food blogs and I'm excited to try a few new recipes that look yummy!

Sherbert Blossom
Redhead Recipies
Rookie Cookie

That's all I've got for now . . .

Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Ever Wish to Have More . . .

Do you ever wish to have more?  I know I do.  More of so many things.  Sometimes while I am folding laundry; folding Noah's hand-me-downs or Nicholas' very worn baseball uniform I wonder to myself, "When will we be able to take a family vacation?"  Sometimes I will wish to take them somewhere local, like Wild Rivers, Disneyland, or even Sea World.  I know Noah would be so amazed by these places; it's just in him to naturally appreciate and enjoy these types of places!

There will be times when we are sitting at the baseball fields and I overhear a conversation; a conversation about a family taking a vacation.  Somewhere far, someplace where you have to actually get on a plane!  And I wonder to myself, "I wish we could go somewhere for vacation, somewhere where my family can ride in a plane." 

When I'm at the grocery store abiding to my list of needs, I look around me and see other people with their carts filled with an array of groceries.  And I wonder to myself, "Are those their neccessities?"  I continue to push my cart along wishing I could shop a little more frivolously.

I will admit that, most recently, I have googled Palm Springs Vacation Packages.  Becasue I, so, wish to be able to go on a getaway with my husband for our 15 year anniversary.  It's unlikely that we will be able to afford such a wish . . . but a girl can dream a little right? 

Sometimes my wish to have more is simple and sometimes it's a bit more elaborate.  But deep in my heart I know that my wishes to have more are being sacrificed so I can . . .

be around to help wash these little hands,

and pack these daily lunches so I know that my son is fed properly.

There are so many reasons why we sacrifice our wishes.  It's because of these two boys . . .

Because sometimes our wishes aren't a need, they are just wants.  And right now the smile on these two little boys faces remind me that I have all that I need.  And often I find myself during my prayers asking God to remind my mind and heart that He will provide us with all that we need.  And He has, He always has.  Whatever obstacle or situation we have been in we have always had exactly what we needed.  So regardless of the untaken vacation or getaway, or having to abide by my needs only grocery list, there is a lesson to be learned; my family is thankful for all that we have, we are grateful for Jay who continues to be healthy and safe so that he can work to provide for us.  All these wishes lead to a lesson that when the day comes when we can do or have such things we will appreciate it more than ever.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

What we've been up to . . .

After a couple of days off, we're back to baseball! Nicholas' coach gave the team Sunday & Monday off and on Sunday we went to Oceanside and bowled and hung out with family. So. Nice. Monday Jay worked 12 hrs of OT, so the boys and I were on our own to do errands. We had to buy Nicholas new cleats; would you believe that, that poor child of mine was wearing a whole size smaller . . . for goodness knows how long! Later that evening, Noah got a clever idea to fill one of Nicholas' new cleats with water.  Thank goodness Nicholas is pretty easy-going; all he said was, "Mom can you please come over here and get mad at Noah - he just filled my cleat with water."

Poor Jay walked in on this . .  I think Jay was so tired and he's not used to finishing up a shift and coming home to all the drama.  His routine is to finish up a shift and then sleep at the station.  Not come home  . . . home is way more work!  

It's starting to heat up here!  And now I am sort of regretting saying, "I wish it felt more like summer."  Because Oh. My. Word. it's starting to feel like summer!  Lastnight we caved and turned on the air conditioner; just so we could sleep comfortably.  And we did.  It was so nice!

Here are a few pictures from the past few days . . .  all of Noah.  The only boy that will happily and sincerely smile for the camera.

Look!  He's finally let go of the side of the pool.  Yay Noah!

I love that after he turned to smile at me he said, "Now go back and sit down."  Gotta love his independence!

Noah's last day of swim lessons with Miss Hannah!  Awesome job Noah!

Monday night we made pizza for dinner.  Noah loved it!  It was a reminder to me that I need to do more cooking with Noah. 

Tuesday the heat started to set in.  Noah took his nap on the couch. 

And that's it.  We've basically been at the baseball fields in the evening . . . practicing and sweating our behinds off preparing for this Saturday's first sectional game.

Happy Thursday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010


After 6 games in 6 days the Temecula Valley American Little League All Star Team brought home the Victory lastnight!  They dominated the field winning with a final score of 18 to 5!   What a game . . . what a week!  And now we're on to Sectionals; this means more BASEBALL for us!  Gotta love it!!!

I didn't bring my camera!  Last time I brought my camera and took pictures of the game, the team lost.  So this time, because it was the championship, I decided to leave my camera home.  And they won; and I'm thankful for the other parents who took pictures and for my brother who took pictures with his phone.  Here are a few pictures of yesterday's BIG WIN!

Nicholas showing off his medal! :0)

After the victory win; proud & happy parents!

Hat's off to Temecula American All Star Team!

(Left Photo) Parents holding the Victory Flag! (Right Photo) The Team holding the victory flag

And now . . . here's to more BASEBALL!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Photo Heavy . . .

Our 4th of July
It was low-key . . .not to much planned.  Just another Sunday afternoon spent with family.  My mother in-law was in town and we spent it at her sister's house.  Simplicity . . . sometimes it's the best way to go!

Aaliyah & Nicholas, so fun to watch them grow up together!

Me & the Hubster!  What a rare occassion that he is off on a 5 dayer in the middle of a holiday weekend!  So nice to have him home with us!

Jerry & Poly shooting the breeze!

Me & my mama!  Love her!

Mi familia; Kelly boy, mama, Noah, and Misty

These two adore Noah . . . lucky boy!

Jay & his parents. 

Posing for the camera! In-laws, Poly, Mom, Noah, & Ciara

Uncle Peling & Jay

Jay frying that lumpia . . . Yum0!

These two running a muck!

Noah thinks he's cool because he has gum in his mouth! :0)

The lovebirds . . . :0) Auntie Bea & Uncle Peling

Noah & Siah gettin' their grub on!

Ciara getting her grub on!

The youngin's playing kick ball!

Jay & Sam; Sam, the jack of all trades :0)

The kids playin' a little horse-shoe

Auntie Bea's flowers are always so pretty!  I'm always so inspired to snap a few photos of these pretty little things!

And that's it.  For now.  This was a photo heavy post, but photos are always fun to look at huh!
Okay, I'm off to get ready for Nicholas' baseball game.  Go Temecula American All Stars!!!