Wednesday, April 13, 2011

39 and 39

Last week Noah went for his 4 year old annual physical.  I'm happy to say he continues to be a healthy growing boy!  He is, however, a little on the shorter size . . . But we try not to say this aloud; he feels completely self-conscious of this.  It has, I know, so much to do with hearing how tall Nicholas is.  And Noah practically worships the ground his brother walks on. 

So . . . Noah is 39 inches tall and 39 lbs. in weight.  During his examination he was given 4 shots and watched all 4 times as the nurse shot him 2 times in each leg.  He is our brave boy!!!  He didn't cry at all!

A few things about Noah at 4 years old . . .
  • He is super independent
  • Almost always wakes up happy!
  • Has THE BEST imagination EVER
  • His favorite television shows are, Jake & The Neverland Pirates, Calliou, & Fireman Sam
  • Does a great job writing his name
  • Has excellent fine motor skills & hand-eye coordination.  He can cut out, pretty much any shape
  • Love arts & crafts
  • Loves to play sports . . . He is super-awesome at baseball :0)
  • Loves his brother
  • Has a bad temper
  • Can ride a scooter just as good as a boy twice his age
  • Wants to take his training wheels off his bike
  • Is super friendly
  • Has the most clever thoughts & things to say
  • Has a niche for style (clothing) but still loves to "dress-up" in police, fire, military, & construction wear :0)
There is so much about Noah, at this age, that I want to remember.  The days just fly by and they grow so fast . . .

Getting his eyes checked . . . All Good There :0)

Being Mister Cool.  I wonder what he's thinking here . . .

Following the nurse to the examining room . . .

Dad showed up to his appointment and he was so happy!

A special treat from dad for being Super Brave while getting 4 shots!!!