Thursday, March 24, 2011

Baseball and a Birthday Party

All I have, as far as recent pictures, are baseball pictures.  I love looking at them; but if I post more on my blog . . . to the non-baseball eye, they'll all look the same.  I suppose that's why I have refrained from putting up a new post.  Not much has been going on around here; well besides baseball. 

Well . . . and I am planning Noah's birthday party.  In between laundry and driving the kids to and from, I have been cutting out pirate hats, practicing baking cupcakes, and practicing making a pirate ship cake.  All, so far, have turned out well. 

Noah's super, duper excited about his party this Sunday.  My mom and Poly have been gracious enough to open their home up to having Noah's birthday bash at their house!  He'll be having a jumpy, games, and a pinata.  It's a dream come true for him! 

We debated for several weeks on what the birthday theme would be.  We went from Firefighter Party to Baseball Party, to All Sports Party, to Spider Man Party, to finally, a Pirate Party.  Noah actually wanted a Jake and the Neverland Pirate Party, but that television show is new, so there weren't any of those party supplies available.  We decided to go with a Pirate theme and after searching on the internet for something whimsical enough . . . I finally found something.  Although it's a Pirate theme, I still wanted it to be little boyish!  Here's what I found . . .

I love the colors . . . the baby blue, red, and hint of black.  So that's the color scheme.  And per Noah's request, we're having Hamburgers and Hotdogs.  I love it . . . pretty simple stuff.  Perfect because my main goal is to have all my focus and attention on Noah . . . Enjoying his day, his party, his time to turn the big 4!  :0)

Monday, March 14, 2011

6 P's

Pre Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance

It's no secret that our life is crazy,busy these days.  Every single day of the week we have something going on.  Mostly baseball related.  We are truly aware of where we need to be, what time we need to be there and what we need to bring.  And still it is crazy getting out the door - still we are frantic pulling out of our driveway, still we continue to arrive flustered beyond necessary. 

We need to stop this.  It's madness, pure madness! 

Over the weekend my uncle and aunt visited with us.  They actually came for Nicholas' game and afterwards came to our house to hang out.  It was then that we talked about the 7 P's that he encouraged in his home.  We decided to lose one P just because . . . :0) .  Jay and I really want to try to be more prepared as we embark on such a fun time in our boys' life.  This is just the beginning of having 2 boys in extracurricular activities . . . We need to be more successful in our system :0).

Another busy week ahead.  Here's to a smoother ride :0)

Nicholas at Game #2 of 2011 season.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Crazy - Busy!

It has been crazy busy!  My house is a mess, our microwave is still broken (broken since Christmas Eve), and I am always doing laundry.  It seems like that is the only time I am home . . . is when everyone needs clean clothes.

I'm not complaining at all.  This is usually our busiest time of year - baseball!  But now, it' all x2 because Noah is doing baseball.  Not to mention I'm on the Little League Board, and Jay is still busting his buns working so I can drive everyone around to where they need to be . . .Bless his heart!

Everyone is having fun . . . and I'm happy.  I'm just trying to keep up!  In the last week and a half we have eaten out more than I'd like to admit.  It makes me mad just to think about it . . . But with a broken microwave and constantly having to be somewhere I don't know how I'm supposed to feed my family - besides grabbing something to go.  It's time to pull out the crock-pot!!!

Okay, gotta run.  Another busy day!

After Noah's first TBALL game :0)