Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

Finally things have settled down.  Last week was a whirlwind . . . wrapping up baseball games, wrapping up last minute homework (Nicholas') assignment, and finalizing the final details of Noah's 3rd birthday party.  The weekend was FILLED with so many blessings.  Everything turned out great for Noah's birthday party, he was ALL SMILES and that's exactly what I was hoping for when I began planning this party for him!  I will post pictures soon.

This week we're hangin' at my my mom's.  Nicholas is on Spring Break and we have no reason to be in Temecula - baseball is on break for a week too!  So we decided to come on over to the O and hang out a little closer to family and enjoy the Easter weekend here. 

*Auntie Kathy~ I have my camera and will be posting or emailing pics of my mom's house soon.  So stay tuned :0) By the way, love the kitchen pics.  But we all agreed that we are bummed that you got rid of the big island . . . especially Jay.  That was our favorite part of the kitchen - the size of that island. 

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{Recipie for Living}

Recipe for Living

I shall pass this way but once.
Any good thing that I can do,
Any kindness I can show,
Let me do it now.
Let me not defer it or neglect it.
For I shall not pass this way again.

This little recipie touched my heart in a way that I hope it touches yours . . . to go out and give a litte, or a lot of the goodness in you to the world :0)  Afterall, you only get today ONCE.

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, March 15, 2010

{Wish List Item!!!}

This purse is SO going on my wish list . . . I am always tugging around my dSLR camera in my regular purse! 

Sunday, March 14, 2010

{Early Sunday Morning}

It's super early, and I have been up since the crack of dawn.  But I'm good . . .drinking my morning cup of joe enjoying the quiet. :0)

I should be cutting and trimming Noah's bday invites, I have completely defeated my purpose of having them done by Friday afternoon.  They're not in the mail; they should have been in the mail Friday afternoon.  But seriously, how "ahead of time" do you need to send a birthday invite.  In my opinion 10 days is good enough - ha I've just bought myself 3 days.  The party planning is going well though . . . we'll be doing a bunch of bday decor stuff this week.  Yay . . . I'll be involving Noah and I think he'll have tons of fun!

So lately I've been having this craving . . .  (and nope not preggo or anything) for salads, fresh greens, cilantro, fresh spinach, red leaf lettuce.  I've been craving it at least once a day and although I don't actually have it everyday, it's dang near close.  We've been having fresh salads at least 3 to 4 times a week.  My craving has been close to the cravings I have for chocolate, and that says alot because this girl is a chocoholic!  It's been really helpful that I've been sticking to my menu planning and we always have the "salad stuff" on hand.  Our salads have been "fun salads" as Jay would say.  They're not boring cucumber, lettuce, and carrots salads.  We've gone a bit fancier and boy has it may a world of difference.  On this week's menu I'm going to try this salad . . . I can't wait!

Doesn't it look delish . . . you can get the recipe here!  I know it seems like alot of chopping, but I seriously don't mind.  There's a certain kind of calmness that comes over me when I'm chopping things up in the kitchen; well minus cutting or chopping meat.  Eww, can't stand that!  But veggies and fruits I can do.

On the note of cooking and being in the kitchen, here is my menu for this upcoming week:

MONDAY - Chicken Curry, chicken is fried in panko and served with potatos & carrots in a curry sauce
TUESDAY - Ginger Soy Chicken (crockpot) served with the salad above :0)
WEDNESDAY - Steak & Chicken (I'm not a steak eater) served with baked potato (Jay gave up rice for lent) and a spinach salad (have I mentioned that Noah is eating fresh spinach, he loves them with strawberries)
THURSDAY - Leftovers
FRIDAY - Pizza & Breadsticks (Dominos has a great $5 special, love it!).
SATURDAY - Sweet & Tangy Pork Roast (we love sweet meat) in the crockpot served with an apple pear salad.
SUNDAY - Whatever my mom is serving :0)

Just looking at this week's menu . . .whew it's gonna be a busy week in the kitchen :0) 

Friday, March 5, 2010

{Going Green in the Kitchen}

I'm not talking about the walls . . . although I would love to repaint, but that's a topic all on its own. I have been thinking about switching over to reusable paper towels and washable napkins for sometime. It's been a thought lingering in my head for months now, and quite frankly I'm a bit intimidated by it all. But I at least want to try. I will not fib and say that this idea has been prompted by the need to save the earth, rather the need to save a buck.  But hey, the benfit of saving the earth is there too.  We're down to our last 2 or 3 rolls of paper towels and my research has begun for the best reusable paper towel out there.  Thus far, I have an interest in starting my quest with the Skoy Cloth.  I'm excited and nervous as I embark on this new way of working in my kitchen.  But the other day as I was taking my morning walk with Noah, I got to thinking, why wouldn't I be motivated by saving the earth . . . afterall, this is the one and only earth I'll be leaving to my children; I want them to have the best!  So I am motivated to do this, to go green, to leave this earth a better place for my kids!  And as far as napkins go, I'll probably invest in washable napkins - I imagine this will add to my laundry chore . . . but I'm gonna give that a try too!

I'll definitely post about our first day with reuseables . . . we still have some paper towels to finish up :0)  So I'll keep ya posted (wink, wink)!

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

{Mid-Week Check-In}

First off . . . absolutely no photos in this post.  I am working off of Jay's laptop, our main/home computer crashed the other night.  Lovely huh . . . $169 later it'll be as good as new.  That just stinks, like really stinks! It's amazing, to me, how much we rely on email, online banking, and other sources via the internet that contribute to our household functioning.  We truly live in a computerized world; I don't even know what we did without it.  Even Nicholas' baseball practices are sent out via email . . . and my mom commented to me the other day (after I whined about how I would get through the days while my computer was in the shop), "What if people don't have email?  How will you know when to take your kids to practice?" I replied to my mom, "Um I don't know, but quite honestly I don't know of anyone who doesn't have email or check it.  But I guess if someone doesn't have or check their email then they could just ask the coach to make special arrangements . . . like call them about practices or text them."  My mom, bless her heart, is just plain old school :0)

Speaking of my mom . . . tomorrow they close escrow on their house.  We are all so excited about it!  This weekend will be busy as we help them pack, unpack, and get settled in their new home. 

Thus far, I have went walking on Monday, running on Tuesday . . . and I will go walking today with Noah.  This is my attempt to do something active once everyday this week.  But oh my goodness - yesterday my run was terrible.  I gave up and walked after 1.4 miles.  I'm bummed about that.  But I'll sit positve in the fact that at least I did some running.  I really need to build up my stamina for a longer run . . . it's been awhile, like a long while!  But I, so, love running!  I love the fight that goes on inside my head . . . during my run my body is constantly saying, "Stop, just stop this is plain ole excruciating!" And my head is saying, "It's bearable, this feels good, keep going, nothing on you is going to break or give out if you keep going.  So don't stop!  Keep going!"  I love it.  That's what goes on in my head while I am running.  My runs . . .they help me to keep conscious of what goes on between my body and mind.  It's definitley mind over matter!  It's a mental check for me and I love it!

I know I'm all over the place with this post but I just want to share that we had the best spaghetti lastnight for dinner.  Oh my goodness it was so rich and good.  It may not be new to anyone, but it was new to us . . . we added half a block of cream cheese in with our spaghetti sauce.  Oh this is the trick to a really, really good spaghetti.  I also do not use ground beef, we use jimmy dean sausage; I also add pepperoni to my sauce.  We don't go through the trouble of making our own sauce because I have found that Ragu makes an excellent choice for our taste pallet.  We pour this over thin wheat spaghetti noodles . . . and there you have it the best spaghetti!

A funny thing Jay said to me lastnight on our way home from Nicholas' scrimmage, "Honey you straightend your hair today only to pull it back in a ponytail and throw on a baseball cap; why do you do that?"  I looked at him and said so confidently, "Hair looks different when it is straightened, regardless if it is in a ponytail.  I like my hair to look sleek and smooth in a ponytail - if I don't straighten it then its all frizzy!" He looks at me, shakes his head and says, "Yeah I feel the same way when I shave my head and wear a beanie cap, opposed to not shaving my head and wearing a beanie cap." I look over at him and say, "Really?" Jay looks at me, rolls his eyes and says, "No, I'm teasing you Misty - I'm kidding . . ."  He smiles at me like he doesn't get me.  And that's fine with me because I just say to him, "That's why I'm female and you're male - or maybe it's just the perfectionist in me."  He replied to me, "Maybe."  I thought it was funny that he noticed that I do these quirky things, goodness, it's nice to know that after almost 15 years of marriage he still takes the time to notice me :0)

Happy Wednesday!

Monday, March 1, 2010

{26 More Days!}

26 more days until Noah turns 3 years old!  I can't believe how the time has gone by so quickly, I can't believe he's going to be 3 years old!  He speaks so well, he is so adorable when he says all the clever things that are going through his developing mind!  It's such a joy to watch and listen to him and he talks and reacts to all the things that are going on around him!  Here are some of the the things that he says . . .

-I wuv you mommy.
-Mom what we eating for dinner 'morrow night?
-It wasn't me!
-Bo-Bo did it!
-Daddy's home!  I wuv daddy's ears.
-My birfday party 'morrow?
-People don't like it when you do that to me! (okay he said this at the dinner table when Jay scolded him to sit down and behave while we eat.)
-Bo-Bo I missed you!  How's your day Bo-Bo?

Oh there are tons more that he says, I wish I could remember them all forever and keep them in my heart.  It's so adorable . . . he is so adorable!  I'm so excited about his birthday party!  On the list of "to-do's" this week is to create and print out the invitations, create guest list & update addresses.  And if I can, start on the party toppers . . .I'm taking snack bags and filling them up with treats and then stapleing party toppers on them.  Here's what it looks like, I did this for Valentine's Day for the boys to give out to their cousins.  I loved how simple it was and it was inexpensive and practical.

I will also be doing rice krispy treats on a stick, packaging them up and sticking a monkey sticker on them that reads, "Thanks for Swingin' By my Birthday!  Love, Noah"  In case you haven't guessed it, I'm very BIG on my kids birthdays!  It is my belief that this is the time to really celebrate your kids' birthdays; as this is the time it is most meaningful.  It's natural to not want to celebrate your birthday as you GET OLDER - they have their whole adult lives to not celebrate, if they so choose to.  Right now I like to celebrate them and another year they have blessed me and brought joy to my life. 

I will try and post pictures as we accomplish each "birthday project" for Noah's party.  I have lots of ideas and fun things planned.  I hope I can pull all of my ideas off.  We shall see!  Happy March 1st everyone, here's to making this month happy and productive and full of life's blessings!