Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a conversation with noah

i decorated our tree yesterday and i'll be doing more today. hopefully it'll be finished today . . . i don't like having our garage in such a disarray.

while noah was napping yesterday i took a nap too. nice. not normal for me, but i needed it. when he woke up i heard him calling for me, when i went to go check on him and asked if he was done napping he said this to me, "i just laying here telling myself a story." i smiled and asked, "you told yourself a story? what was your story about?" his reply, "once a time there was a wil boy named . . . " i ask him, "what was the little boys name in your story?" he said with the most adorable smile on his face, "noah john charfauros mommy!" and he said it so matter-of-fact! i love him to pieces. he may drive me crazy but he is one cute kid! i am so blessed.

this photo was taken a week or so ago. i was testing out my tripod and noah and i got to be silly in front of the camera.

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