Thursday, January 14, 2010

{1 month til' v-day}

Yes, can you believe it! Valentine's is exactly one month away. I, so, need to put my heart's up. Noah and I painted hearts last week and I need to get them up and hanging! Every year I have ideas to decorate for every season and I never follow through with it. This year, because my word of the year is do I really want to get the house decorated. Not gonna do too much, but I have a few ideas that will add a little love touch around here!

I love his smile - it melts my heart a million times a day! How lucky am I!!! To be able to spend these days with him.

Noah's little fingers painting the hearts. He loves to paint and he's great at it too!

I've been discovering these awesome crafty websites lately and I love sharing! Here's one that I found that has some super cool ideas. I love the baby burp cloths - how chic and very useful. I'm all about that! Go here to check it out!

Happy Thursday to each of you.

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  1. Good morning Mistylori,
    I love reading your blog; I've been busy and lots on my mind. Keep it going because you encourage others. I love you very much and miss you all. Love Auntie Kathy