Thursday, January 21, 2010

Rain, Rain Go Away . . .

It has been raining here in so. Cal. since Sunday evening.  With the exception of Monday and taking Nicholas to and from school everyday this week I have not left my house.  Do I have cabin fever . . . sort of.  But I like to stay home during this kind of weather and I'm in the middle of a good book, so I'm perfectly fine with being home.

I just sent Jay off to pick up a few groceries.  Yikes - that kinda makes me nervous.  Usually I'm the one that takes care of that, or at least we go together.  But again, I don't like to go out in the rain.  So I just have to cross my fingers that Jay does a good job shopping!

I was looking at my last post . . . you know the one with the yummy andes mint cookie :-)  And yes I will post the recipe.  It is a delicious cookie and I'm so proud that I can make that for my family.  In fact, it makes me pretty darn happy that I bake most of my kids "sweet treats."  Being a stay at home mom has forced me to be more cautious in how we spend our money.  And that includes, even our grocery bill.  In the beginning, I'll admit, I baked because it was "a savings" to make it myself.  Now I actually love that I make things my kids love and look forward to for their treats.  The same goes with cooking dinner.  We don't eat out often - in fact very rarely do we get that luxury.  But guess what, it's okay.  In fact it's a good thing because we've discovered that for the most part we can cook a better meal here at home in comparasion to a meal we'd pay for.  We've all agreed that the best part about eating out isn't even the food, it's that someone else will clean up after.  And that's super nice!  I won't lie :-)  But there are so many advantages and so many good things that my kids are learning from our efforts and our ways of frugality.  They are more grateful for the times we do get to splurge.  It's super neat to see my kids faces when they're able to order an appetizer, main meal, and a desert (although those are very rare occasions).  I am glad to be teaching them and setting the example of appreciating how hard their dad works for us, for me . . . for me to be able to stay home with them.  I know that in the end of all this sacrificing and sometimes even struggles . . . I will have two very fine young men that will value so much more than material things. 

Just thought I'd share.  Happy Thursday.

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