Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Good Day

Yesterday Noah and I had such a great day.  This was a bit of a surprise to me since he didn't nap at all.  Those kind of days are usually marked for disaster in every way possible; but fortunately his spirits were happy and content all the way through until bedtime . . .

After a couple of morning errands we came home just in time for lunch, the Little League World Series game (we've been following along faithfully), and some art.  Noah and I had seen an art project on one of his favorite shows, Calliou.  It looked easy enough and fun enough, so we planned on making it a part of our day.  Boy was Noah giddy over the whole thing.  And the best part, for me anyway, was just sitting with him and enjoying his company.  Most days I am busy with chores or just stuff.  I hear his little voice and chat back and forth with him all day long . . . But my attention is never just on him; being focused on his choice of words, his facial expressions, his content with just sitting with me and engaging in an activity.  Noah is such a smart, imaginitive, and fun little boy - I feel so lucky to be able to spend these days with him.  I need to remember to sit with him more, even amid the chores I have, and just enjoy him!  Yesterday I did just that, and I wonder if that made all the difference in his good mood that lasted all day through.

So here's a conversation between Noah and I while we were painting . . .

Noah:  Mom, when is your birthday?
Me:  It's soon, but mum-mum Judy's is before mine.
Noah:  Oh, for your birthday I am going to buy you a surprise!  It's going to be so great.  I'm going to buy you a new muffin pan because daddy says that the one you use isn't good anymore. 
Me:  Oh really . . . Who is the gift for again?
Noah:  For you mom!  But it's a surprise!  I'm not telling anyone, not daddy, or Nicholas, or mum-mum or Poly.  Only you get to know my surprise secret.
Me:  Oh wow Noah!  Thank you for telling me :0)  (Of course I have a huge smile of adoration on my face for this little boy at this very moment).
Noah:  Your welcome mama.  I only tell you because you're the one I tell all my secrets too!

Now that . . . made my day.  Noah is the best!

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  1. I sure miss my now adult children when they were at that age!!!! Love you all!!!! Hello to the family in Cali. Love, Auntie Kathy :-)