Wednesday, April 15, 2009

easter sunday recap

so the knitting is going well. it took me about a week to figure it all out and be able to get into the groove of it - but now i'm finding it rather enjoying and relaxing. i do look forward to stealing a few minutes here and there to knit!

easter was so much fun. we hosted our traditional potlock lunch here in temecula and it was so nice to have everyone come our way. the weather was a blessing, especially since it looked as if it was going to rain on saturday. the 3 youngest had fun hunting for eggs and the older/ teenagerish ones participated in a easter scavenger hunt. afterwards the family gathered for a game of softball. SO FUN! watching the aunties catch, bat, pitch, and some even base running was plain old good times and good fun! when the weather chilled we went up to our house for more family time!

i'll have to share our easter prep pictures - where the boys are dying their eggs. that was fun too!

happy rest of the week!

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