Wednesday, April 15, 2009


2 posts in one day . . . wow! but i just wanted to share that nicholas had his 10 year old check-up today and he is good and healthy. need to implement more calcium in his diet - hard to do when he dislikes most dairy products. hmm. anyhoo - he's right on target with his weight, and above average in height. he's in the 60 percentile. that's good news. and even better news, no shots. good for him.

i can hardly belive he's 10, and i guess that's kinda considered preteen. i don't really like the sound of that. we've been making some changes around here now that he's getting older. changes that signify that he's not that little boy anymore . . .and frankl it makes me rather sad. there's more to this little post, and i'll share later. for now here's a picture of him at his appt. today. taken from my cell phone, and he was kinda on the nervous side. he really dislikes dr.'s visits - who does right???

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