Sunday, May 17, 2009


I'm reading this book right now and I am SO enjoying it! I started it awhile back ago and couldn't really get into it; but I picked it up again and now I am anxious to keep turning the pages. I love when I can find a book like that. I have a running "summer reading list" that I've started to jot down. This summer it's going to be about reading . . . YAY!!! Love to read.

Summer Reading List

  • The Painter from Shanghai
  • The Shack
  • The Five People You Meet in Heaven
  • Resilience
  • Mommy Grace

I have also finally ordered Cold Tangerines! Super exctited to receive this one in the mail!

Good Day to everyone! Happy Sunday - many blessings your way.


  1. Hi Misty,

    I was glad to see your reading list. I love reading too. Recently i have only had time to read my school assignments but there are a few books that I am interested in reading this summer too. One of them is the The journey to the well. It seems pretty interesting. Anyways let me know how you like The Shack, I started reading it but I thought that it would be too sad. Oh I also wanted to tell you that if you love to read you should test out a Kindle. I just got one a little while ago and I love it. I was running out of space in my bookshelf.


  2. Hi Cousin-

    Girl I love you! You are full of inspiration and positivity. I enjoy your blogs, I love your book excerpts. Keep writing that is one of the things that you were meant to do, that and being a mommy.

    Love you,