Monday, May 18, 2009

It's Monday, my favorite day of the week because I love beginnings - I love the chance to start fresh. I'm hoping to get some exercise in today during Nicholas' baseball practice. Jay is off and we'll probably run the track. We got a late start this morning and didn't have a chance to get our workout crossed off our list earlier in the day. Last week I focused on my weight watchers program; I had gained 5lbs and just wanted to get back into eating healthy. It felt so good - even though I only lost 1 lb! I decided it's much better to focus on eating healthier and in good portions rather than focus on the actual # on the scale. Weight watchers helps me to do this.

On another note, Saturday I hung out with my mom and we had such a lovely time! We went shopping - tried on ALOT of clothes and it was so wonderful of her to spoil me and buy me a few things! So I'm excited, I have a few new things in my closet and I'm so grateful (it's very rare these days that I will buy anything for myself. My two growing boys are in much more of a need than I am!). None of them are fancy, as I am a "plain jane" but I now have a few new bermuda shorts and a couple cool flirty tops to match! Again, thank you, thank you mom! I love it all!

I'm off to read a little while Noah naps. It's heating up here in Southern Cali! Summer is creepin' in - I can't wait to hit the pool & beach!

Just wanted to share a picture I took of me & noah last week (love camera self-timers)! This is how I spend my days - hangin' out with this cute little dude!

Happy Monday!


  1. Hi Mistylori, I made a comment on Joe & Celina's blog and it went thru. Thanks for the help and now I'm posting a comment on yours. :) I'm going to finish up the book; COLD TANGERINES today! Love you all.