Monday, May 11, 2009

what a week! hope everyone had a very nice mother's day! i did! sadly i have no photos of that day - i brought my camera, but i was too busy enjoying the family gathering that i forgot to snap pictures. actually i did get this one picture of noah. here he is eating a popsicle that poly bought for him. don't ya just want to squeeze him!

last week i was down in the dumps, i guess i'm entitled to feel that way once in awhile. i suppose i was bored with the monotony of my everyday routine . . . how quickly my attitude changed when i heard of an old classmate who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. i was so sad to hear about that and my thoughts and prayers will continue to be with him. i felt also bad for allowing myself to forget how blessed i am to have these sweet wonderful days with my boys - i am lucky to be home with them, routine or not. i really can't complain!

for the rest of the week we just enjoyed eachother's company; we hung out in the backyard, went out for ice cream, watched nicholas' baseball game, played with squirt guns. it was nice and it really did remind me of how truly blessed i am.

here are nicholas &noah playin' in the backyard! look at noah's boots!

noah just chillin' on a monday afternoon! it's his new thing to strip down to his pampers! :)

me & noah on our way out to "wal-mart" he loves wal-mart!

look at how big he's getting! my 10 year old handsome boy! he won't ever smile for me & my camera :(

playin' with squirt guns! look how much fun $1 from the dollar spot at target can bring!

and last, but certainly not least, how we've been spending most of our saturday's. watching nicholas play baseball. i love this picture of him - i'm soooo proud of him!

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