Monday, May 4, 2009

starbucks, my dad, and my 2 crazy boys!

i got a starbucks today . . . been awhile since i had one of those frap. thing(ies). they're so expensive and so fattening, so i've just stayed away. but today i was out & about & i decided "why not? i've got $3 bucks, what the heck!" as i walked to my car sipping the yummy frap. i smiled and thought of my dad and the first time he tried starbucks. he was already diagnosed and we stopped at a starbucks in s.d before his dr.'s appt. we ordered my dad one of these coffee fraps. and he sipped it down to the bottom like a little boy trying sugar for the first time. the thought and vision of him just made me smile, warmed my heart, and reminded me of how much i miss having him in my life.

i have to brag that i'm mastering making "red rice." i made it for dinner tonight while jay was out grilling the ribs i marniated yesterday afternoon. i also made a delish bean sprout and cucumber salad. it was a FULLfilling dinner.

nicholas & noah drove us nuts today. noah's talking so much, today he said "mom, phone ringing" and he's so cute the way he asks for things. for instance - napkin me, means can i have a napkin; belly me, means rub my belly; juju means, orange juice; he pronounces apple as happle. gosh there's so much i want to write so i won't forget. i'll need to jot them down as he goes along talking. oh and he can answer this question, "noah, who's the president?" noah's response, "Obama!" and if you ask him where does Obama live he'll say, "white house!" he's just too cute for words.

nicholas is getting so big, it's almost hard to believe. i'm anxious for summer to begin so we can just relish in the lazy days of summer. he's countin' the days too. he just brought home his progress report and he's headed toward making the principle's honor roll! yay nicholas!!! hopefully he continues the hard work the few weeks he has left of school. he's done so well this entire year, making the honor roll every trimester. we're so proud of him!!!

okay so that's a wrap - off to chill. laters gaters:)


  1. Hi from the Pangelinans II in Florida. Just wanted to say that we decided to also do a blog because yours was so cool :) Hope you go check it out.

  2. hello misty! i loved reading your blog post and your thoughts and memories of your father touched my heart. glad to hear nicholas is doing well. tell him we said hello - roan and me! your little one is A-doR-a-bLe! later my friend. *xo*

  3. Joe and Celina PangelinanMay 11, 2009 at 2:03 PM

    Hey Misty,

    Would like to see what my cuz looks like now.


    Lil' Joe