Thursday, July 2, 2009

Summer Fun

July already . . .wow! It sure has been a whirlwind of good times since Nicholas got out of school on June 12th! We've been enjoying the lazy days of summer at the beach and at Wild Rivers Waterpark - even better spending all these good times with family! Here are some pictures -
Our first beach trip of the summer. One of the only good pictures of the boys!

Wild Rivers trip. Keanalei and Nicholas, don't they look so grown! Glad she got him to smile!

Noah loved the mini water slides. He was alot braver than I had thought he'd be. He had such a good time that day!
Breaking the rules while the lifeguard wasn't looking. Not supposed to go down head first. Yikes!

Big Stuff! Nicholas going down a fast water slide into 7ft of water. He had a blast going around the water park with his cousins!

Daddy and Noah getting ready to go in the lazy pool! (Everyone's favorite!)

The Crew at the lunch tables! L-R Desiree, Christian, Tasia, Nicholas, Keanalei, & Aaliyah

Ciara and Noah such cuties!

Bonfire Beach Bash! Me and my boy, he's almost as tall as me!

Noah loves to play in the sand!

And lay in it and roll in it! He's truly ALL BOY!

A favorite shot of mine, my two handsome boys!

Sweetness, Kalani & Noah! He loves his older cousin!

KJ, Noah, & SJ - Noah hangin' with the big boys!

Always running around, Keanalei, Nicholas, & Desiree

Noah and Peter Joe. Thanks PJ for being such a good big cousin! He loves you!

Playing in the cold water, they must be young! :)

Noah, Peter Joe, & Nicholas! Shaka! (look at how Noah does Shaka)

Water come & get me! Funny boy!

He loved the game of having the waves chase him. It was so sweet to see him play in the water and enjoy the beautiful ocean!

Good Times, L-R Peter Joe, Aaliyah, Nicholas Desiree, Keanalei, Tasia, & Noah boy!

The end of the evening photo! Reminds me of how truly great it is to have such a wonderfully big family and how these ordinary summer days are made extraordinary because of each and every one of them!

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