Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Checkin' In

Summer has officially begun for us! The weather is yucky though . . . so it kinda feels weird. We've been busy in and out of the house with graduation ceremonies and parties and it'll continue to be that way until the end of the month. Even though it's busy, I absolutely love it!

No pictures right now, I'll try next time. I just wanted to check in and mention a few things:

  • Nicholas made Honor Roll the entire school year

  • Bummer, Nicholas did not make the All-Star team for baseball but might be playing for a traveling team during the summer & fall season

  • Nicholas has been away for the last 3 nights with his cousins enjoying Disneyland (it's his first time away on an overnight trip without us)

  • Noah is talking more, putting more and more words together to make sentences

  • Noah's so super friendly to everyone and never forgets to use his manners! (yay for that)

  • Has grown way Too accustomed to sleeping with his brother (we're having a tough time now that Nicholas is away)

Just wanted to mention a few current things about the boys!

I've been looking into this little gadget . . .anyone have this. I really want one! I think I might beg Jay to get me one . . . :)

off to start my housecleaning and laundry!

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