Friday, October 2, 2009

New Project - Mud Run - And Quick Catch Up

i, so, need to get back on board with writing in my blog. i think the summer got so busy (a fun kind of busy) that i just got into the habit of NOT posting anything. nothing, not even photos :( sad i know.

but i'm gonna try to be better bout' posting.

so i'm starting this THING - not sure what to name it or call it - but it's similar to Project 365 (a new innovative way to scrapbooking) except i'm gonna try it out for the entire month of OCT. so for 31 days i'm gonna take, at least, one photo a day and post it here. i think it'll be fun and if i like how it goes then i'll def. start the Project 365 come Jan. 1!

and a quick update - i'm doing another mud run! it's at the end of oct. i'm pretty excited about it. jay & i will be running it and we've recruited a few more runners :) can't wait.

yesterday was hard being nicholas and noah's parents - they were just flat out difficult. as i climbed into bed last night i said this to jay, "today was hard huh, being parents." we just looked at eachother because we both new that was an understatement.

really quick - noah's potty training is going well. we're even done with pull-ups in the evening. we're taking outings in underwear. yay for that!

okay that's it for now!

Oct. 1 waiting for story time to start at the Public Library.

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