Monday, December 28, 2009

christmas morning

our kids were, once again, very lucky this year. i am always so worried and stressed that they will receive too much and forget to be grateful . . . forget how lucky they are. i am always reminding them that they are super lucky boys - super lucky to have so many people love them enough to work hard to give them such wonderful gifts! jay and i stuck to our plan of giving one gift each to nicholas and noah, plus their "from santa gift!" most of their gifts were from mum-mum & poly. so thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making another christmas for our boys very special and memorable!

nicholas' vans "from santa"

noah's fire playhouse set "from santa

one his favorite gifts! from mom& dad! his exact words were, "i wuv it! tank youuuuu"

spoiled! from mum-mum & poly :-) he got a harley motorcycle
both boys will enjoy this one! from grandma & papa charfauros!

the hug! after he opened his gift and discovered . . . .
the xbox 360! lucky, lucky boy!

madden 10 from uncle kelly!

all their gifts! whew! they are very lucky boys!

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