Sunday, December 27, 2009


today has just been such a relaxing day. did a little cleaning, laundry, putting gifts away and got to just lay around and watch football and take a nap. so nice, and so needed after such a whirlwind week.

i'm so looking forward to the new year! i love fresh starts and i've decided to start my project life tomorrow. that is a photo a day. and i know, i know i tried doing it for a week a while back ago and failed - but this time (since i won that project life kit!) i'm gonna try and stick with it. i'm super excited to document a year of my life through pictures and journaling . . . it should be fun. and i'm gonna try and take a photo a day - but if i don't - i'm not gonna give up. i'm just gonna try and take pictures that represent moments and memories that represent what my life is about at this very moment in time!

i'm gonna try and create a new look for my blog within the next week. new banner and template. . . . in light of the new year.

okee dokee! i'll post tomorrow with my first photo for my project life album!

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