Wednesday, December 16, 2009

it's beginning to look alot like christmas!

it's that time of year - and it's coming fast. i don't have all my shopping done, but i have my lists. since we're scaling back this year i don't feel as stressed. my kids will receive two gifts (one from santa & one from mom and dad). i picked up a few gifts yesterday while out & about at target. (my how i love target). and i've officialy finished noah's stocking stuffers - well kinda. i'm still in the hunt for alpha letter magnets (as if i need one more thing on my fridge!)

and now i'm writing out my list for our christmas dinner. we'll be hosting it this year (again). and i don't mind, but it does get kinda stressful. especially since this weekend, instead of shopping and preparing our house for the gathering we'll be spending it all (both sat & sun) day at the baseball field. and although i do love to watch nicholas play - oh my there are so many things that need tending too! so that makes for a busy week this week and next!

not to mention that yesterday i started to feel as if i was coming down with something. so i stepped away from the housework took some meds and just rested. and i feel better today, but still kinda yucky!

and i'd thought i'd share some photos of how it's beginning to look alot like christmas around here at our house: enjoy!
our front room

family room

a treasure craft that nicholas made in pre-schoolour tree
another treasure that nicholas made!
photo of our boys and fireman santa!
cermic set that my mom made (way back when i was little) i love it!
noah in his chrismas jammies!
front entry table. gold chrismas tree is a garage find for $1!
our stairwell!
and that's it! that our cozy lil' home with bits of history strung around our house. maybe that's why i love pulling out our christmas decor every year. it's kinda like walking down memory lane. hope everyone is having a happy week in preparing for the upcoming christmas holiday.

merry wishes your way!

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  1. A very beautiful home you have. Mom should be very proud; you took after her ways!!!!
    I love you all, Auntie Kathy