Thursday, December 17, 2009


we had a rough night last night! i was up late with nicholas working on a project that is due today. 25 darn pages of writing and drawing and then creating a cover page that is creative and fitting to his project theme. oh i was so upset with him! i think that's an understatement . . . i was fuming. nicholas is studious and very disciplined about doing his homework - and i guess i just took that for granted. not realizing that his school workload is and will get more challenging, hence he will have to be even more disciplined about getting it done. so on my part as a parent, i failed. i need to be more ontop of checking his workload out and helping him to manage his time better when it comes to projects like that. needless to say . . . he has lost all television privileges during the weekdays until the school year is up. i just wonder . . . at what point do you just let your child fail, and or make a mistake that has consequences in order to learn a lesson. i'm wondering if i did the right thing by helping him get it done . . . i wonder if he learned his lesson. i sure hope so.

here's a picture of that handsome 11 year old boy that made his mama so mad lastnight i thought i was going to punch his lights out! i didn't of course :0)

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