Monday, January 18, 2010

Complete Randomness

I am extremely disappointed that the Chargers lost.  I really am.  But I can only imagine how the players feel.  I woke up this morning and thought, UGH, I wish they would've won. 

Noah is napping right now and I am a little ahead of the game as far as my household chores.  As soon as he wakes up we're heading down to Oceanside (yes, eek in the rain!) I'm meeting Nicholas and his cousins at the movie theater; they'll be watching Avatar and I'm gonna take Noah to see Alvin and the Chipmunks.  It's definitely a nice way to spend the day . . . watching moives.

Today while eating breakfast with Noah, I started to make out my menu for this weeks meals.  We've started creating our meals based on the sale ads.  I realize that many people probably do it that way . . . but we've always bought in bulk (Sam's club) and then created our meal menus from there.  I think we were spending way too much money that way.  So I'm doing things a bit different now.  Here's our menu,

Tuesday: Chicken Curry (stew style) and Ham & Bean Soup and green beans (this is really two meals but some in my family aren't crazy for japanese curry.)
Wednesday: Leftovers
Thursday: KFC (yay for coupons!) and all sides will be homemade, red rice, baked beans and/or scalloped potatos, and coleslaw
Friday: Leftovers

Lately we've been only cooking once or twice a week and then using the rest of the days for leftovers.  It's been working out fairly well . . . and not to mention we're not wasting food or money.  And I am very big on not wasting.  I am interested to see how much I will spend this week on my groceries. 

I know that this is such a random post.  But today that's just how I'm feeling - random.  Tomorrow is the day that I post my Project Life pictures so stay tuned :-)

And here's a picture just because I don't want to post without sharing this picture of my "sweetheart"

Noah, you have my heart always!  I love you!

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