Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A love of Blogs . . .

I am easily inspired by the blog I come across . . . and it's true, I will admit, I have a fettish for surfing the net and looking at blogs.  I love photography blogs, food blogs, and crafty blogs.  I could spent ALOT of time just browsing through, what I believe to be a talented bunch of strangers.  Strangers that so openly share their life in the form of photos, recipies, and the things that they create.  I am a homemaker and I find that these blogs have helped me and encouraged me to be better at what I do everyday.  Especially the food blogs, I get tons of recipies and ideas that now have become a favorite in our home.  So now I'd like to share with you the links that have so inspired me . . .

Joy the Baker - a cooking blog
Becky Higgins Recipies - a cooking blog/ scrapbooking blog
Gourmet Mom on-the-Go - cooking blog
Savoring the Details
Memories on Clover Lane
Beneath My Heart


  1. misty-
    thanks for stopping by my blog the other day...really cute blog you have and cute kids!
    i am using ali edwards can find it on her web site...if you have any issue, let me know and you can download it for free.

  2. okay, i just re-read your post...sorry...asking about pse...i am using the old version...i think 4.0. i don't want to upgrade yet, because i am just learning this one...but i love it so far and i am learning a new thing every day.

    i think it is time for bed, since i can't even read anymore!

    enjoy your blog!