Monday, January 4, 2010

project life photos

i have tons i want to write about; catch up on what we've done this past week. but i have little time because i'm playing catch up with housework, laundry, my project life album, and just things around here. so for now i'll post these photos that are a part of my project life album. i'm so excited to do this!

day 2: dinner with the santiago's! so nice to have them over! we had a great time chattin' it up, laughing, and letting the kids run around and act crazy. def. need to that more often!

day 3: woke up and decided that i needed to get a haircut. jay really couldn't tell, but i got 2 inches cut off and had the stylist layer my hair. i love it! it feels lighter, and so much healthier!

day 5: woke up to a lazy day. had breakfast at mom's and then headed over to auntie beas for round 2 of may-i! of course i just donated my money, as we all know i'm much more of a talker at the card table than i am a strategizer :0)

day 6: spent the afternoon at selm's and then headed over to make rosketti with rose. here's a photo of my swirly twirly rosketti and rose's stick rosketti. good times! it was nice to hang out with rose and "catch up"

day 7: came home from oceanside to find my project life kit on my doorstep! woohoo! so happy and so excited to put it all together and start fillin' it up with "my life's" photos. here i am checkin' out all the contents!

day 8: morning routine. breakfast before school. noah still in his jammies - nicholas in his school clothes. the transition back to school from a holiday break is always tough for nicholas.

*i'm having trouble retreiving my day 4 photo from my mobile phone. but i'll post it as soon as i can figure out what's going on with that.
gotta go take care of the kiddies!

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