Monday, January 4, 2010

{happy new year!}

the boys are finally down for the evening and i have some downtime. or some time to jump on here and "catch up!"

all day today i have been so excited about my new project life album. i was able to put together the first week - i still have to print the pictures out. but i feel so happy about having done the journaling and inserting them into the album. so yay for that!!!

i can hardly believe that it's the year 2010! time/life goes by so quickly - too quickly. i always have this urgency to hold on to the moment, yet i contradict myself because i can be an obsessive planner. hmmm. crazy i know!

i'm a bit reluctant to make resolutions. only because i don't do well with upholding to them. but in everything there is always room to improve yourself - and what better time than the start of a fresh new year. i think, though, i'll ponder what changes i'd like to implement into my life this year - especially before sharing.

but let me catch up a bit on how we spent our new year's eve and the beginning of 2010:

we spent almost 4 days in oceanside. we left new year's eve afternoon. we went straight to selm's so that i could spend some quality time with her and the kids could hang out! i did my baking and selm and i just chatted away! it was so nice! once i finished up my baking the boys and i loaded up and headed to the firestation to visit jay and drop off some baked goods. then we were off to ring in the new year at auntie bea's house. lots of fun and laughter there! we then spent the next few days drifting back and forth between my mom's house, auntie bea's house, and selma's house. it was fun and we even snuck in some impromtu visits to the firehouse while jay was on duty. that was so nice! noah loved seeing his daddy at work :0)

and it was fun to come home to our house - but as usual the transition back to school was rough - but not as bad as before. at least there were no tears about getting back into the routine of things.

on another quick note . . . i can't seems to retreive my day 4 photo and i'm super bummed. it was of jay and the boys at the firestation while we were there for a visit. hmmm. but so far i've been enjoying the process of taking a photo a day! i'll have to post what an actual finished week's worth of photos looks like. in otherwords, what an actual project life photo album layout looks like.

okay so i'm gonna wrap it up!

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