Tuesday, February 23, 2010

All Over Randomness!

For lent I gave up soda, juice, iced tea . . . you get it right.  The only thing that I am allowing myself to drink is coffee and water.  And let me tell you I have been tempted - really tempted to drink some of that juice that is sitting in our fridge.  But I'm only tempted, but I won't go there.

Noah is feeling better these days!  Yay!  In fact, we just returned from a short little run/walk.  It's been forever since my feet hit the pavement and it's an understatement to say that I am out of shape.  The hill coming up to our house kicked my boo-tay :0)  It really did.  But I'm glad Jay pushed me to go.  We all enjoyed the fresh air, the exercise, and the familiarity of being out there- our feet beating the pavement!

I am planning Noah's 3rd birthday and I'm having so much fun "thinking up" all these ideas.  I'm really trying to homemake everything.  And most of it will be homemade . . . I can't wait.  The theme is going to be monkey - mod monkey.  The colors are pastel turquoise and yellow, with brown of course.  I really want to go all out (as all out as my budget can go) because Noah is at that age where birthdays are a big deal.  I really want to make it a big deal for him.  He deserves a big deal!

Just wanted to share these pictures because I don't like to post without leaving a picture or two.  This was from the first weekend of February when we went to IKEA with mom & poly.

It seemed like forever since I had been there!  Got me some new glassware!  Woohoo!

The rain was a bummer!  But it didn't stop us from having a nice & fun outing!

The boys quickly and easily made themselves at home in all the display rooms :0)

Noah had a blast in the kiddie section.  We could've stayed there all day!

Nicholas was patient but bored while he waited for his brother to finish playing! 

The fun begins for Nicholas as he gets spoiled by his mum-mum Judy!  Lucky boy!

Us, out to dinner at one of our favorite places . . . Teri Cafe!  The boys have silly faces in these pictures. :0)

 Okay, happy Tuesday! 

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