Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Little Independence . . .

I taught Nicholas how to ride his bike the summer before his kindergarten year; he was just 5 years old.  I remember running with him, holding on to the back of the seat, reassuring him that I wouldn't let go.  Of course, eventually I let go . . . don't all parents.  And he was fine, he took off pedalling, working hard to balance himself, and maintain a steady grip on the handlebars.  He did so well!  I was so proud of him! 

And now, almost 5 years later, he is finally on his bike, riding around the neighborhood with his buddies.  This is something he just started doing and he is really enjoying the independence of getting on his bike and getting himself where he'd like to be.  I'm fine about it, in fact I'm happy that he's out enjoying himself.  Of course I'm always a little nervous and worried when he is not within sight - but I trust him and his choices.  I know he will make good choices and decisions for himself when he is not directly in my care.

One more thing . . . when I taught Nicholas how to ride his bike, he was wearing his cowboy boots :0)  And one more thing . . . thank God for cell phones.  I'm much more at ease knowing that he is, literally, a phone call away.

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