Monday, February 8, 2010

Sunday Church

Yesterday I had the best workout . . . carrying Noah as we walked, rather rushed into church.  We got there, once again, at 10am.  Mass starts at 10am, why are we always pushing the clock?  I finally caught my breath and composure by the end of the first reading.  All in all it was a good day at church.  Sometimes the boys can "act up" and I was proud of them yesterday.  Noah even caused a few smiles from the couple sitting next to us.   During Communion Noah was so good; he sat on my lap and as I held my eyes shut in prayer the choir began singing "Here I Am Lord."  They sang that song almost everynight at my dad's rosary.  I noticed the lady sitting next to me was dabbing her eyes . . . I wonder why she was crying.  I wonder if that particular song made her think of someone special, the way it made me think of my dad.  After church I asked Nicholas did the song familiar to him and without hesitation he said, "Mom, they sang that song almost everynight at Papa's rosary.  I remember."  My boy remembers . . . I hope he remembers more than just my dad's rosary.  I'm sure he does, but I hope that he keeps those memories with him, in his life, forever.

This picture is from two Sunday's ago . . .

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