Wednesday, February 3, 2010


It's hard to believe that it's been 5 years that Nicholas has been playing sports. 5 years ago Nicholas started playing baseball . . . his very first sport. Since then he's played flag football, tackle football, baseball, and basketball. But he has always felt drawn to baseball; and every year around this time we gear up and get ready for baseball season. I have grown to love the sport, even as much as football. It's exciting to see Nicholas out there on the field; but I know that no matter what sport he chooses I will always be excited to see him out there playing his best.

Jay and I aren't the type of parents that have to have their child on a winning team.  And for the most part, Nicholas has always been on teams that have struggled - but Nicholas has always remained in good character - and we are always so proud to see that in him.  As we begin this new baseball season in the Majors, we are anxious to see him on the field again.  Anxious because we love to watch him play and anxious because this is his first time playing in the Majors division. We hope that win or lose he remains in good character, we hope that he always does his best, and always remains humble in his actions and words.

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