Sunday, March 14, 2010

{Early Sunday Morning}

It's super early, and I have been up since the crack of dawn.  But I'm good . . .drinking my morning cup of joe enjoying the quiet. :0)

I should be cutting and trimming Noah's bday invites, I have completely defeated my purpose of having them done by Friday afternoon.  They're not in the mail; they should have been in the mail Friday afternoon.  But seriously, how "ahead of time" do you need to send a birthday invite.  In my opinion 10 days is good enough - ha I've just bought myself 3 days.  The party planning is going well though . . . we'll be doing a bunch of bday decor stuff this week.  Yay . . . I'll be involving Noah and I think he'll have tons of fun!

So lately I've been having this craving . . .  (and nope not preggo or anything) for salads, fresh greens, cilantro, fresh spinach, red leaf lettuce.  I've been craving it at least once a day and although I don't actually have it everyday, it's dang near close.  We've been having fresh salads at least 3 to 4 times a week.  My craving has been close to the cravings I have for chocolate, and that says alot because this girl is a chocoholic!  It's been really helpful that I've been sticking to my menu planning and we always have the "salad stuff" on hand.  Our salads have been "fun salads" as Jay would say.  They're not boring cucumber, lettuce, and carrots salads.  We've gone a bit fancier and boy has it may a world of difference.  On this week's menu I'm going to try this salad . . . I can't wait!

Doesn't it look delish . . . you can get the recipe here!  I know it seems like alot of chopping, but I seriously don't mind.  There's a certain kind of calmness that comes over me when I'm chopping things up in the kitchen; well minus cutting or chopping meat.  Eww, can't stand that!  But veggies and fruits I can do.

On the note of cooking and being in the kitchen, here is my menu for this upcoming week:

MONDAY - Chicken Curry, chicken is fried in panko and served with potatos & carrots in a curry sauce
TUESDAY - Ginger Soy Chicken (crockpot) served with the salad above :0)
WEDNESDAY - Steak & Chicken (I'm not a steak eater) served with baked potato (Jay gave up rice for lent) and a spinach salad (have I mentioned that Noah is eating fresh spinach, he loves them with strawberries)
THURSDAY - Leftovers
FRIDAY - Pizza & Breadsticks (Dominos has a great $5 special, love it!).
SATURDAY - Sweet & Tangy Pork Roast (we love sweet meat) in the crockpot served with an apple pear salad.
SUNDAY - Whatever my mom is serving :0)

Just looking at this week's menu . . .whew it's gonna be a busy week in the kitchen :0) 

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