Friday, March 5, 2010

{Going Green in the Kitchen}

I'm not talking about the walls . . . although I would love to repaint, but that's a topic all on its own. I have been thinking about switching over to reusable paper towels and washable napkins for sometime. It's been a thought lingering in my head for months now, and quite frankly I'm a bit intimidated by it all. But I at least want to try. I will not fib and say that this idea has been prompted by the need to save the earth, rather the need to save a buck.  But hey, the benfit of saving the earth is there too.  We're down to our last 2 or 3 rolls of paper towels and my research has begun for the best reusable paper towel out there.  Thus far, I have an interest in starting my quest with the Skoy Cloth.  I'm excited and nervous as I embark on this new way of working in my kitchen.  But the other day as I was taking my morning walk with Noah, I got to thinking, why wouldn't I be motivated by saving the earth . . . afterall, this is the one and only earth I'll be leaving to my children; I want them to have the best!  So I am motivated to do this, to go green, to leave this earth a better place for my kids!  And as far as napkins go, I'll probably invest in washable napkins - I imagine this will add to my laundry chore . . . but I'm gonna give that a try too!

I'll definitely post about our first day with reuseables . . . we still have some paper towels to finish up :0)  So I'll keep ya posted (wink, wink)!

Happy Friday!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. You might like this. . .

    We use unpaper towels made from birdseye diaper cloth. We've also designed a functional and fashionable counter top "towel house" to contain and dispense them. The towels go straight from the dryer to the "towel house." NO FOLDING! It helped us with our transition away from paper because we didn't have to change our routine drastically. After all, it sits where the paper towel roll used to. :)

    And our lightweight, yet absorbent unpaper towels don't add noticeably to the laundry. In other words, we don't do any more loads per week than normally. They just get tossed in with another load, usually whites.

    I also stumbled on the idea of non paper/un paper towels in my quest to save a buck! Frugal and green can definitely go hand in hand. We even compost now. :)

    You can take a look at