Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Weekend Recap

Finally things have settled down.  Last week was a whirlwind . . . wrapping up baseball games, wrapping up last minute homework (Nicholas') assignment, and finalizing the final details of Noah's 3rd birthday party.  The weekend was FILLED with so many blessings.  Everything turned out great for Noah's birthday party, he was ALL SMILES and that's exactly what I was hoping for when I began planning this party for him!  I will post pictures soon.

This week we're hangin' at my my mom's.  Nicholas is on Spring Break and we have no reason to be in Temecula - baseball is on break for a week too!  So we decided to come on over to the O and hang out a little closer to family and enjoy the Easter weekend here. 

*Auntie Kathy~ I have my camera and will be posting or emailing pics of my mom's house soon.  So stay tuned :0) By the way, love the kitchen pics.  But we all agreed that we are bummed that you got rid of the big island . . . especially Jay.  That was our favorite part of the kitchen - the size of that island. 

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  1. Hi Mistylori, I sure missed seeing something new on your blog since the 16th. I know you've been busy though but I still look forward to reading your blog. I'll be patience this time on the pictures of Noah's birthday and Mom's new place, okay? I can't wait!!! The huge island was nice for those years we had it; it's now in Uncle's shop and being in good used. I can still put one in the kitchen but I like the big open space now. Hello to the family and friends in Cali!!!! Love Auntie Kathy :-)