Thursday, April 8, 2010

Noah's 3rd Birthday Photos

I have finally caught my breath after a busy, busy couple of weeks.  We've got another busy couple of days ahead, so I figure this will be my only chance to post pictures.  And next week Nicholas returns to school - and I we will resume the last half of school & baseball.  I can't believe it'll be summer soon!  Can't wait!!!

The Birthday Boy!

Nicholas & Noah showin' some love!

Being dorky in the photo booth!

Good Times!

Photo Funnies!  Salas first cousins . . .

Sherry & Samuel gettin' there grub on!

It was so nice to see Sue . . .

Noah and his Nina Fran

Getting ready to sing Happy Birthday!

His Nina made his cake. . . unfortunately she dropped in on the way to the car.  It was a 3 tier Big Top Circus Cake; but she was able to salvage the bottom tier.  I think she did awesome considering the slight mishap.  FYI, her cakes TASTE DELICIOUS!  So we forgive you Nina Fran :0)

Blowing out his candles.  Can't belive he's 3 already.

Huggin' the Pinata before he tears into it!

There he goes . . .he's got a great swing!

Excited to open his gifts!  Thank you to everyone!  We are so appreciative of all the toys, clothes and money he received that day!  We are having so much fun with everything!!!

Our family photo in the booth - not the best but oh well.  At least we have one down for the books :0)

A quick pose with our god-daughter Jada Penelope!  We were so happy to have them for a visit . . . long overdue!

It was such a blessed day having our family celebrate our little monkey's birthday.  My vision for his birthday didn't turn out exactly how I planned; but I'm okay with it.  Noah had a wonderful birthday and he was so happy the entire day . . . he loved the bounce house, the park, and he especially loved when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him.  He was so well-mannered when he opened his gifts and thanked everyone!  Noah was happy to see his Nina finally; he had been looking forward to that.  Even the weather was beautiful . . .I don't think I could've have asked for more.  There are tons more pictures, but I just chose a few of my favorites.  I forgot to mention that we had a make-shift photo booth that was such a big hit . . .I made a red backdrop, it was simple and easy and everyone had fun taking fun and silly photos!  I'm so glad we have them for our photo books.

*More photos to come on my next post!

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  1. Great photos!!!!! Wow, lots of food!!! You all did a great job!!! Shows lots of family with love and fun!!! Nice to see the other Salas girls. A big Hello to them!!! Mom is so silly, give her a hug for me!!! Everyone looks good and I sure miss you all too. Can't wait for more picture posting!!! Happy Birthday NOAH!!!! Love Auntie Kathy :-)