Saturday, June 19, 2010

Healthy Living

I've been trying diligently to eat healthy and exercise.  Yesterday morning I woke up frustrated, frustrated at the scale because nothing changed.  Not even after spending a week counting points and watching what I ate.  Yesterday I decided that I needed to be more adamant about exercise, because honestly, I wasn't implementing exercise into my daily routine.  And that is definitely a must.

Jay and I went on a run/walk yesterday morning.  It's a route we used to run all the time, a route that used to be cake.  Now I can barely run a fourth of that route.  Very disheartening, but oh well, I guess you just have to start somewhere . . . again.  The again part is what sucks.  But I'll get there again, I'll run that route again!

I've been doing well eating healthy and counting my points.  I've forgotten how good it feels to make good healthful choices.  It feels good to be in control of what I eat and how much I eat. 

Fajita night!  I love the colors of the peppers and I absolutely love cilantro!  All good and healthy for you!

2 cups of popcorn equals 2 points.  A nice mid-afternoon snack; and sure it can be frustrating at times to measure your food, but the extra time to do this is worth it!  It just instills awareness and consciousness in what your choosing to eat!
Okay, I'm off to the baseball fields.  This is consecutive day 5 of baseball practice and oh my goodness it's exhausting.  But fun, nonetheless!

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