Friday, July 16, 2010

Do You Ever Wish to Have More . . .

Do you ever wish to have more?  I know I do.  More of so many things.  Sometimes while I am folding laundry; folding Noah's hand-me-downs or Nicholas' very worn baseball uniform I wonder to myself, "When will we be able to take a family vacation?"  Sometimes I will wish to take them somewhere local, like Wild Rivers, Disneyland, or even Sea World.  I know Noah would be so amazed by these places; it's just in him to naturally appreciate and enjoy these types of places!

There will be times when we are sitting at the baseball fields and I overhear a conversation; a conversation about a family taking a vacation.  Somewhere far, someplace where you have to actually get on a plane!  And I wonder to myself, "I wish we could go somewhere for vacation, somewhere where my family can ride in a plane." 

When I'm at the grocery store abiding to my list of needs, I look around me and see other people with their carts filled with an array of groceries.  And I wonder to myself, "Are those their neccessities?"  I continue to push my cart along wishing I could shop a little more frivolously.

I will admit that, most recently, I have googled Palm Springs Vacation Packages.  Becasue I, so, wish to be able to go on a getaway with my husband for our 15 year anniversary.  It's unlikely that we will be able to afford such a wish . . . but a girl can dream a little right? 

Sometimes my wish to have more is simple and sometimes it's a bit more elaborate.  But deep in my heart I know that my wishes to have more are being sacrificed so I can . . .

be around to help wash these little hands,

and pack these daily lunches so I know that my son is fed properly.

There are so many reasons why we sacrifice our wishes.  It's because of these two boys . . .

Because sometimes our wishes aren't a need, they are just wants.  And right now the smile on these two little boys faces remind me that I have all that I need.  And often I find myself during my prayers asking God to remind my mind and heart that He will provide us with all that we need.  And He has, He always has.  Whatever obstacle or situation we have been in we have always had exactly what we needed.  So regardless of the untaken vacation or getaway, or having to abide by my needs only grocery list, there is a lesson to be learned; my family is thankful for all that we have, we are grateful for Jay who continues to be healthy and safe so that he can work to provide for us.  All these wishes lead to a lesson that when the day comes when we can do or have such things we will appreciate it more than ever.

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