Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Nothing New . . .

I feel like I don't have anything new to write or post about; because really, it has been nothing but baseball for us.  We have made our usual trips to Oceanside on Sundays (but never making it for church), we've hung out with family but have been coming home every Sunday evening.  So there is not too much new going on around here . . . well, let me take that back.  We went to the beach this past Sunday; just me, Jay and our boys.  No pictures though . . . but it was a nice relaxing day.  Noah had a fantastic time; it was written all over his face, that and the fact that he was covered with sand from head to toe! 

Lastnight we had a baseball game; Nicholas' team lost.  It was a tough lost, but we play again tonight and hopefully we'll come out of this rut that we were in lastnight.  Let's get it going Temecula All Stars!

I have discovered a few new blogs and I thought I'd share.  They're all food blogs and I'm excited to try a few new recipes that look yummy!

Sherbert Blossom
Redhead Recipies
Rookie Cookie

That's all I've got for now . . .

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  1. just stopping by to check out your blog...gorgeous kids, love the photos! I also love your header - so fun!