Thursday, July 1, 2010

Swim Lessons Part 2

I am caught up on my laundry and Noah is napping and Nicholas is chilling before baseball practice. I decided to download some of the pictures I took at this mornings swim lesson!

I was inspired to switch out of Auto mode with my digital SLR camera. According to Jessica Turner's  photography tip P mode is one step up from Auto.  So I decided to take a chance and see how it worked out . . .

This photo was shot in P mode with the White Balance set at Shade.  What a great little model!  He was all smiles before swim class!

And here is the same photo after I tweaked it a bit in my photo editing software.

Ha, Ha!  Look at my poser boy!  His face is reflective of the exposure in this photo - Icky!  This was shot in Auto mode.  What a difference huh?

The rest of the photos I took are in P mode with the White Balance set at Daylight.  The photos could probably be tweaked a bit, but they are definitely better in exposure, I think!

Swim lessons today were filled with "all smiles!"  He was happy, eager, and confident to get in the water!  Now that's what I like to see . . . :0)

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