Thursday, July 1, 2010

Back Yard Play (at Mom's) & Swim Lessons

It's been a crazy, busy week! And I forgot to mention that on top of all the baseball that's been going on, we signed Noah up for swim lessons. His first day was this past Monday June 28th! But first I also wanted to share photos of the boys playing together at my mom's this past weekend.

I am so happy when these two play together. The age difference is quite spanned and it warms my heart a million times over that Nicholas is so good to his little brother. They play good together, and well, frankly, Noah can hold his own up against his big brother! Noah is great at baseball and he's great at mimicking his brother.  I think that's why he is so popular around Nicholas' teammates and friends . . . Noah is pretty amazing for a 3 year old!

Look at these two!  Noah won't let up and Nicholas doesn't back down.  I think it's what keeps them so intrigued with one another :0)

Noah has quite the catcher stance.  He may just have a future in this stance :0)

Simply adorable.  My handsome little Noah boy!

And on to swimming lessons . . . I have been wanting to sign Noah up for swimming lessons since last summer.  This summer I made it a point to do so.  Mostly my effort in this came from worrying that the boys would be bored and in front of the television all summer long.  Ahhh . . . never did I realize that things would get quite so busy for me!  Swim lessons in the mornings and baseball in the evenings.  It makes for a pretty busy day and one tired mom!  But all fun stuff and afterall, it's really all about them right now!

Noah was so excited for his swim lessons.  We woke up early and he cooperated with me about eating an early breakfast (half of a pb&j sandwich).  He was so excited to put on his frog swim trunks that his mum-mum bought him and then off to community center pool we went!   The only bummer was it was overcast and chilly . . . this made him a little reluctant at first.  But once he got in the pool it was okay.

Here he is in his frog swim trunks standing outside the community center.

Noah with his swim instructor Miss Hanah.  You can tell he's a little unsure, trying to find his comfort zone.

And this is how he has spent the first couple of days, hanging on to the wall.  He listens and participates in the activities . . . all while hanging onto the edge of the pool.

If you look close enough you can see a smile coming out of him!

The rocketship; a favorite of his!

Back to the platform at the end of lesson one.

While sitting and watching Noah during his swim lessons I came to a realization that one of the hardest parts about being a parent is letting go or stepping back.  Right now these are baby steps with Noah and I'm experiencing bigger steps with Nicholas right now.  But in essence at every stage in the boys life I have to learn to step back and let go just a little and allow them to figure things out for themselves and find solid ground that they have created for themselves.  It's hard, especially for mom's, because our natural instinct is to hover and protect them . . . but by always hovering over them and protecting them we fail to help them learn and grow and become independent.  And, afterall, isn't that what our job is, to help guide and nurture their little beings into strong, independent individuals. 

So after handing Noah over to Miss Hanah I turned my back and walked away - to watch from afar.  Was I worried?  Yes!  Did I want to turn around and jump in the pool and hold him so he felt safe?  Absolutely!  But I didn't.  And guess what . . .there were a few tears shed from Noah (not of the crying sort), but within minutes you could see the transformation in his face.  The comfort level in his face, the look of "I can do this, I've got this" all over his face.  And there right before my eyes was Noah's little baby steps of independence in the making.  And I was so proud of him, (and me, because I didn't overly mother, as I tend to do).  Everyday he has gained the confidence to do a little more on his own and each time he gets out of the pool he is excited and amazed at what he's accomplished, despite the fear that lingers in him.  That look of excitement and accomplishment makes me feel proud, but it makes me feel secure and comforted that Noah is gaining the confidence in himself, even at the tender age of 3!

I am always reminded, by Jay, that we are raising men.  Men that will need to grow up and be strong, independent, confident, and sure of themselves.  Men that will one day be the providers for their families and their homes . . .  and our parenting choices need to be reflective of how much we believe in them, and trust them, and have confidence in them; so they believe it too.  And even baby steps at swim lessons help to do that too :0)

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