Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Home from Camping!

We're back from camping! It was good times for sure. Nice to get away from the hustle and bustle and rough it for a couple of days. It surely does make you appreciate everything you have at home!  It went so quickly; as does all the good times shared with family.

It's super busy here for us; we came home Sunday night from camping and Monday morning went right into school clothes/supply shopping.  We're not quite done yet, but I must say that Nicholas and I haven't argued once yet during this whole shopping expedition.  That's an accomplishment in itself; because I am so very practical when it comes to shopping and spending money.  And of course Nicholas is a pre-teen who wants to buy all that is fashionable . . . and that can get pricey.  But I think it has helped that he knows his budget; and it is what it is.  This has made him more conscious of his purchases.  Of course, the majority of his money is going to shoes . . .

We're going to the factory outlet today and trying to get everything else finished up by tomorrow.  We have a filled agenda for the remainder of his summer (which is exactly 1 week)!  Waterpark on Thursday and camping (again . . I know huh!) with his All-Star baseball team.  I'm also hoping to squeeze in another beach day; we'll see.

I have photos to share from our camping trip.  I alternated between my point & shoot camera and my slr camera.  I chose not to edit any of the camp pictures yet, I just wanted to get them posted since this week is already moving fast for us!

Happy Tuesday!

Father and son hanging out by the water.

Sweet Noah boy . . . he was in his element the moment we got to camp.  Dust and dirt and The Great Outdoors is surely his thing!

Noah enjoying the company of his cousins!

The first night, just hanging by the fire pit playing the uke.

The hikers . . . we must have hiked almost 3 miles that day!  We were famished when we returned from camp!

Noah helping uncle Jerry out of the water . . . :0)

Discovered cactus on our hike.

Hanging out waiting for the rest of our hikers to come back to us!

The water was rough in some areas; this made me a bit nervous.

Noah age 3 my spunky lil' guy!

Nicholas age 11 my almost middle-schooler!

Camping Trip 2010.  (Look at Noah's silly face again).

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