Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Career . . .

It's easy to overlook what I do, my career.  It's easy to not think much of it.  Because  I don't get up every morning and get dressed to leave my house for a job outside of my home.  I don't race or stress to make it to a specific destination to clock-in on time, nor do I worry about the clock-in time for my lunch hour.  I don't have deadlines to meet, meetings to attend , or projects to start or finish.  I don't even have to deal with co-workers, nor do I have them to befriend . . .

Instead I have chosen to make my career my children.  I have dedicated myself to their everyday normal routine.  I wake up each morning to  iron school clothes, pack a lunch, make breakfast and sign homework assingments for my oldest son; and then I drive him to school.  During the day I multi-task between loads of laundry, housework, and conjuring up something eventful for my 3 year old son.  Typically we will alternate between the library or the park, depending what day it is.  Nap times are my lunch time, and yet I rarely use this time for that.  Instead, I'll squeeze in some me time, to read or get on the computer, or chat on the phone.  Then I make mad-dashes to get dinner started and prepare for my oldest to come home from school. Typically I try and have something for him to snack on while he does his homework; but most often we are out jetting off to baseball practice or game.  After the sports activity we hurry home to eat dinner, complete homework, shower and try and squeeze in some down time. 

It sounds so clean-cut; and yet our days never run so smooth; it is never that easy.  Everyday I manage attitude issues and temper tantrums; for every reason under the sun!  Everyday I work to teach them about being responsible, being on time, being respectful, having good manners, having good sportsmanship, being truthful and honest, trusting in God, being kind, being considerate, doing and giving their best.  Oh my! The list goes on!  Everyday I am working to shape their young beings.  My job is to raise two boys; a job so easily overlooked even I will sometimes define it as just a stay-at-home mom

At the end of each day I don't have work to discuss; like what new policies are being implemented at my job place, or how much I have saved up for retirment, or how much leave time I have accumulated.  I don't have co-workers to tell about or even cool job perks to offer or share.  I have none of these things.  I never have too much to contribute when these types of things are being discussed.  And sometimes . . . just sometimes, it makes me feel unimportant and overlooked.  I don't always feel like that because deep in my heart I know what I'm doing; I know better.

When Nicholas and Noah are grown men, when they reach the age of indepedence and begin to make their mark on the world I will be satisfied and content knowing I worked to shape them into good and honest men I know they will grow to be. 

I know my career; I know it's important.  Sometimes when I'm around certain people, it's easy to feel like what I do is not that important.

Side Note: I am aware that there are other moms out there that do what I do and work outside of the home. I commend them because that's no easy task! Sometimes they choose to work or have no choice; either way it's quite demanding of one single person. I suppose it lessens the load when you're spouse is part of your team, but today's demographics include so many single parent homes. That's tough . . .tough on the parent and on the child.

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  1. Great Blog Mis. You have done a tremendous job raising your boys and being there for your hubby. I applaud you for being so humble and understanding of everyone's situation. Being a mother is a never ending job, I have two who have already reached the age of independence, and the worry never stops. In fact, the role changes from worry to acceptance of what they want for their own lives, its my life coming full circle. I just know that however a child is raised, is how they will implement morals and values into their own methods of parenting. When we have our grandchildren, yet another full cirlce comes to be recognized. Thank you for being who you are and keep writing these blogs...I love reading them!!!! Love you Mis :)