Thursday, September 30, 2010

Watch Out Sports World . . . Here Comes Noah J. Charfauros!

Tuesday was Noah's first day of his Jr. Sports program.  It's an 8 week program where 3 and 4 year olds learn the fundamentals of flag football, soccer, baseball, basketball, and track & field.  I had him signed up since the end of August, so there has been alot of talk about this day, alot of hype and excitement geared for this day to come.  Then guess what happens, we get to the park and Noah is still super excited.  Once we start to walk towards the fields, toward his two coaches he stops and declares, "I just want to go back to the car.  I just don't want to mom."  And there were tears in his eyes.  I'll be honest at this point, my first thought was, "Oh no, I didn't just pay $95 for Noah to back out.  He's not shy, he's not timid . . . He's my social bee, he's not supposed to back down!"  Jay looks at me and I at him.  Noah literally turns around and starts to walk back to the car.  I will say this, Noah is a forced to be reckoned with . . .he is strong-willed, strong-minded and not at all afraid to throw a tantrum in public.  I somehow beckon him to come and talk to me; he comes over, but he's still a little reluctant about being convinced to stay.  I reminded him that he was nervous and scared this same way for swim lessons, but once he got in the water he had so much fun!  I told him this was the same thing and that he shouldn't let the nervous butterflies stop him from having fun.  Nope didn't work.  I got desperate . . . I said, "Noah, you know Calliou plays soccer and when he went to his first soccer practice he was so nervous.  But he didn't go back home, he still went to soccer practice.  And don't you remember he had so much fun?"  Noah looked at me, still nervous and said, "I just want to do soccer, I only want to do soccer."  Before he could change his mind I carried him straight over to the coaches and plopped him right down.  The coach said, "Hi Noah, you wanna play some catch with me?"  Of course Noah picked up the ball . .. and well the rest is history.  I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  And I highly doubt he'll be reluctant next week at practice ;0)

By the way, Calliou is one of his most favorite television shows.  Nicholas watched it when he was little and now it's one of Noah's favorite shows too.

This was right before the nervous butterflies kicked in.

Yes Mom, I got my gatorade.

Playing catch with his coach.  Starting to let his guard down.

Starting to love it.  Stretching . . .gotta work on that!


Giving us a close-up of his football stance

I love this picture . . .love the chubbiness of his legs, love how cute his feet look in his cleats :0)

Gatorade break

Doing drills.  This was just too cute! 

Going for a touchdown!  Look at Noah go!

The end of practice.  Now that's a million dollar smile!  Looks like he had a blast!

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  1. Hi Misti lori,
    This is just too cute and I think this is the best story you have posted on your blog. Noah is very handsome and a mama's boy alright. Give him a HUGE hug from all of us here in TEXAS!!!
    Hello to all in CALI!!!!
    Love, Auntie Kathy