Friday, November 19, 2010

A Day for Noah

Yes it's been almost a week . . . We have had a filled week - but, so fun!  The beginning of last week began a little stressful when we found out the engine mount in our van was broken.  What does that mean exactly?  Well, it means that our engine was not fully attached to our car!  The rear mount was completely broken!  Holy cow huh!  Crazy!  Thank goodness our family has been kept safe!  And thank goodness the repairs were covered under our extended warranty!  Saved us hundreds of dollars!

On Friday we declared it to be Noah's Special Day!  Not his birthday or anything of the sort, but realizing and recognizing that he has been such a great sport and team player for having to constantly be at the baseball fields, we decided to focus on what's fun for Noah!  So our little family began Friday afternoon at Chuck E. Cheese!  Thankfully we got there early (before the crowd of wild kids arrived).  It was a fun couple of hours for Noah to run about and enjoy himself in a little world created for little ones!  He climbed and played in the play area, played games, rode the rides, ate pizza, and received prizes.  It was so nice to do this for him, so nice to see his face lit up . . . realizing that the day was just for him!

Noah riding the infamous Chuck E. Cheese jeep ride!

Our little shorty pants! 

Playing in the jungle gym play area!

The Big Boys winning tickets for Noah!

A little air hockey with dad!

Nicholas & Noah . . . they make my heart happy!

Happy to have a prize at the end of all the chaotic fun!
After all the wild fun at Chuck E. Cheese we made our way over to the movies.  We chose a movie that Noah would like, Megamind.  It was poor planning on our part because about five minutes into the movie Noah fell asleep; and he slept for the entire movie.  Go figure, the one time we don't enforce nap, he can't hang!  Bummer.  But at least we had fun in the movie lobby while we waited for our show to begin.  We took pictures and goofed around with the boys!

Noah hugging Yogi Bear!  Guess we're gonna have to put that on the list of "movies to watch!"

We gave Noah the camera to snap a picture!  Not too bad! :0)  He loved this!
It was a good day; and I think Noah was pretty pleased with a day focused on him!  However, we, still somehow, found ourselves back at the baseball fields later that evening.  Nicholas wanted to go and watch a few of his friends play in the playoffs.

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