Sunday, November 21, 2010

Holiday Desserts

Yesterday it rained all day long!  It was such nice cuddly weather, nice to lounge, nice to do a whole lot of nothing.  I did just that, except for when I had to run out and buy our Thanksgiving turkey; two turkeys actually!  We're having Thanksgiving at my mom's house this year.  We're in charge of the turkey's (that's Jay's speciality) and I'm doing the tablescape . . .actually I told my mom I'd do the centerpieces; but saying tablescape sounds alot fancier :0)  And of course I'll be baking some sweet treats for dessert.  I spent some time in the morning trying to narrow down what treats I was going to make.  I have come across so many yummy recipies, but I need to remember to be cost effective and practical with my time line.  Here is what I've narrowed it down to

Pumpkin Gooey Cake - a Thanksgiving tradition!  A family favorite!  An easy recipie!  You'll never want pumpkin pie again!  Photo is from Foodnetwork and recipie can be found here.

Double Chocolate Brownie Surprise (Originally called Thank You Betty, but I took the liberty of changing the name; since I'll be changing a few things). I plan on using my own homemade cookie dough for this!  This looks rich and chocolatey; my favorites things!  Photo taken from Bakerella site and recipie can be found here.
A couple other things I hope to make that weren't found on the web:
Coffee Cake made from a yellow cake mix . . . looks easy enough and I have everything on hand.
Cinnamon Roll Popcorn oh. my. word!  This stuff is delish!  A friend of ours made it and gave it to us to try.  This stuff is like gourmet popcorn, and so easy to make!  If I don't end up making it for Thanksgiving, I think I'll be giving this out instead of Christmas Cookies! 
Snickerdoodles a make ahead cookie that is Nicholas' favorite.  

I feel overwhelmed at my dessert list!  This is my issue every year; spreading myself thin in the baking department!  My goal this year, this time around . . .start early.

Have a blessed Sunday.  Jay is coming home today; we'll be going to mass as a family.  Off to get ready!

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