Thursday, November 4, 2010

Sharing Halloween

Now that Nicholas is getting older he isn't into dressing up for Halloween.  But I remind him that it's very important we don't take the excitement away from Noah.  Noah is 3 years old, the thought of the pumpkin patch and trick-or-treating still has him squealing with delight.  So although Nicholas didn't dress up, he went along with us. 

As we are all about traditions, we joined our family, this time in Oceanside and had a really nice time.  Noah was so adorable, he walked/ran up to each house said, "Trick-or-treat" when he received his candy he would reply, "Thank you and have a nice day sir!"  For the first couple of houses we went to I couldn't figure out what he was saying.  My cousin said, "Mis I think he's saying have a Happy Easter."  And we laughed aloud about this.  But when I asked Noah he clarified what he was saying!  Too cute.  But after one street he was ready to sit in the wagon, give me his candy and have me do all the foot work!  Ha!  So our trick-or-treating evening was short & sweet!

All in all we enjoyed our day with family.  We spent time at my mom's house in the afternoon, visited Jay at the firestation, and finished our evening off trick-or-treating with the cousins . . . as we all refer to one another!

Hanging out at the firestation!

Noah has yet to tire of trying on Jay's turnouts . . . he is always fascintated by it all!

Noah, Joesiah, and Jay posing for Happy Halloween pic!

Jay was happy that I brought along the fam-bam for a visit!  Angie and our godson Justin Rey!

Getting ready for the Halloween festivities!  SJ - the incredible Hulk was so cute!!!

Noah feeling alittle unsure about SJ's costume :0)

Mum-Mum and Noah.  Happy Halloween from Mum-Mum!!!

The Cousins: Tasia, Joesiah, Aaliyah, Ciara, and Noah.


Race Car Driver Noah and Bat Girl Ciara!  Too cute!

Too cool to trick-or-treat.  Nicholas, Aaliyah, and Tasia

Their little feet got tired too quickly.  Thanks uncle Sam for the ride!

Ending the night.  Look at lil' Avapui.  She is adorable.  Everyone showered her with kisses when they saw her!

Nicholas and Noah discussing if Noah will share his hard-earned candy with his brother :0)

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