Wednesday, November 3, 2010

From Boy to Young Man

I have always heard people say that raising teenagers is hard.  Now I have never dismissed this notion as it pertains to me.  And I certainly don't have a teenager quite yet.  But we are approaching those years and I find myself whispering under my breath, "How will I get through this.  There is such attitude going on in Nicholas' growing body - I just can't stand it!"  Bottom line:  I didn't realize it was going to be this challenging.

I am teaching myself to choose my battles.  Some things just aren't worth arguing over.  For example, emptying the dishwasher.  This is petty I know, but it's an issue.  My thing is when I remind Nicholas to empty the dishwasher all I hear is his opinion about unloading the dishwasher, it's not fun, it's boring, we use to many dishes, we need to use paper products . . . on and on.  And it makes me flat out frustrated with him.  And I get mad at him, I literally argue with him about his attitude about this.  Bottom line: Nicholas will never enjoy unloading the dishwasher - never!  But he does it, he always listens when he is told to do something.  I suppose asking him to skip about and smile while he does it is asking a little to much.  Afterall, I never smile so happily when I wash his dirty laundry.  So . . .this does not deem to be a good issue to argue over.  Let it be - it is what it is - so long as he does his chores.

I have always said that I am so happy I don't have a daughter.  The mere thought sends me into a panic.  The worry and stress over raising a girl . . . nope not for me.  Boys are easy - compared to girls.  And girls are tough, so that makes raising boys still hard.  Afterall I am still responsible for raising a gentlemen, one in which has a good work ethic, one who is humble and kind, loves and puts first God and his family, and always fights for what's fair and good.  That sounds pretty hard to me . . .

My prayers always include God blessing my boys with a "teachable spirit" that they may be taught to walk and be guided by the goodness of God.

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