Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving & Christmas!

Our Thanksgiving was, yet, another blessing! We spent 5 days at my mom's and it was a nice little time away from home. The boys really enjoyed themselves; but now we are back to our little routine!

I wanted to share pictures of Thanksgiving before we get too far into the Christmas holiday! I meant to post these pictures Monday - but I have been busy with laundry and cleaning and Christmas decorating! Enjoy the pictures!

I was in charge of the centerpieces!  I loved how it turned out - simple!  Just my style!

The centerpiece for the round tables where guest sat.

The food table as we all gather around to give thanks . . .

Nicholas & auntie Naik!  Nicholas the official greeter :0)

Nicholas playing catch . . . kid always has a glove & ball in his hand :0)

Angie & her dad, uncle Peling

The boys, Nicholas, Joesiah, & Noah!  This is a classic Noah pose :0)

The teenagers getting their grub on . . . Des, Aaliyah, & Nicholas!

Noah being a big boy holding his own plate.

Not the best background, but here's a pic of all the girls & uncle Peling and Noah boy!

Giving Thanks!  A beloved tradition around our Thanksgiving table!

After dinner entertainment.  Everyone was singing and enjoying the music provided by the older teenagers; I happen to catch Noah strumming along with them :0)

Playing around with the self-timer on my camera!  Mom, auntie Naik, Angie, and me!  Getting ready to play some cards!

Mom & auntie Naik!  Nice picture!

Mom & Kim!  Another nice shot!

Ciara & Noah catching up!  They haven't seen eachother in a long time!

A great shot of Poly and his daughter Marissa!  It's always nice to see her!

And now, on to the Christmas holiday! 

Yesterday we spent most of the day decorating the house.  We still have a few finishing touches to add, but overall we got the banister decorated, the tree up, and all the little Christmas figurines set up around the house.  The house feels festive and cozy; I'm looking forward to snuggling around the tree and watching Christmas movies with my 3 favorite guys!

As far as Christmas shopping . . . This year I'm trying to tone it down.  Take in the season in the most simplest of ways.  Both the boys' gift shopping is almost done and as far as the grandparents, well, I have a semi-homemade gift in the making!  Should be a hit!

More Christmas to come with photos and a new tradition we are starting here in our home! 

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