Saturday, December 4, 2010

Traditions and a Fantastic Deal!

Traditions are filled with such sentiment and I love them, especially during the holiday season.  This year I began a new tradition, one that I'm very, very excited about!

Not too long ago I mentioned to my mom that I wanted to create some sort of advent calendar to countdown Christmas day.  I was so excited when I came across this idea!  I read about it on the morning of Nov. 30, which sent me into a frenzy . . . my entire focus for the day was to buy 20 Christmas books!  My Christmas book collection is scarce, 3 to be exact!  I was determined to do this Christmas Book Advent Calendar, and I only had one day to gather the books and wrap them!  I decided to begin my search at the local library where they have a used book store.  I was extremely lucky . . . I came across 14 books that I liked and that were in good condition!  Not to mention they were $1 or .50 cents and in addition to their already dirt cheap prices they were running a half-off holiday special!  So I paid either .50 cents or .25 cents for the 14 books I found!  I walked away spending $4.25!  I am still giddy over the good deal!  Next stop, the paperback shack, I found two more books for very inexpensive.  In total I bought 16 books and spent $8.50!  Can't beat that.  I still need to buy 5 more books; but that didn't stop me from wrapping all the books that I bought that day.  I am so happy to say that we are on day 2 of selecting, unwrapping, and reading a Christmas book.  Noah just loves unwrapping something every night and he loves me reading to him!  All the books are new to me, so it's equally fun for me too!

This is going to be a new Christmas Tradition in our house and in our family.  It is a tradition I hope the boys share with their children one day.

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